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I have a 05 Taurus and I am trying to locate my cabin air $15 2 1599d 21h
Sorry it's a 2004 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab with water in front $15 1 1597d 22h
my van ran fine before the mechanic did repairs removed airintake $15 1 1597d 21h
Several of the wires going to the door broke causing the windows $15 1 1597d 21h
I have a 2001 Cherokee Sport and the air conditioner is blowing $15 1 1597d 21h
I have a 1990 Nissan Pickup with a 2.4 litre motor and I was $15 1 1597d 21h
I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus 4cyl car with 175,500 miles on it. $35 1 1592d 1h
1989 chevy shortbed pickup,5.7 fuel injection k1500 4wd W/A. $15 1 1591d 1h
I have an 82 VW rabbit, fuel injected auto trans. Starts OK, $15 1 1590d 20h
I have a 1991 525i and mostly after warming up or driving for $15 1 1590d 20h
2002 Sedan Deville Air Cond problem - Recirculation Acutuator $25 1 1590d 9h
I just picked up my 96 mercury villager from repair and was a $15 1 1590d 46s
My husband's 1996 subaru legacy needs drive train work, but $15 1 1589d 23h
I have a 2000 mercury sable and the radio works intermittently $15 1 1589d 4h
Hi, my 2001 Audi A4 1.8T avant manual 5 speed randomly stalls, $25 1 1586d 7h
2003 merc mountaineer, 4.6 v8. engine slightly bogs especially $15 1 1585d 7h
2004 Ford Focus ZTS 2.3L My A/C isn't blowing cold,the compressor $15 1 1584d 7h
79000 mi 2004 baja-turbo..Have had turbo engine replaced two $14.99 1 1582d 6h
My 95 wrangler YJ with the 5 speed manual and 2.5L engine has $9.99 1 1580d 5h
1992 Chevy 1500 pickup 5.7L automatic with air, TBI. The $9.99 1 1579d 3h
I have a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis the automatic traction $9.99 1 1578d 4m
My 2005 buick le saber has cold air from the passenger vents and warm air fom the driver vents. Any suggestions? $9.99 1 1577d 4h
I have a 1994 Pontiac Transport SE van with a 3800 series $9.99 1 1576d 9h
have 1999 cadillac sedan deville made theif repair of used $9.99 1 1576d 11h
540 bmw 1999 no cranking the car was driven in water cusing $9.99 1 1575d 7h
2005 chry t/c grand caravan climate control and rear a/c and $9.99 7 1572d 1h
97 Plymouth Voyager has intermitant start issue. When it $9.99 3 1571d 5h
I have a dodge intrepid 2002 it was broken into last nite the $9.99 3 1571d 4h
my 2006 dodge ram truck 2500 diesel, the ac just stops working $9.99 1 1571d 2h
I just bought an 84 nissan 4x4 that needed some help. I have $14.99 1 1569d 8h
2002 jeep GC - AC hot air when light are on.... AC is working $9.99 5 1569d 8h
i have a 1993 Volkswagen Golf, and am wondering what k&n air $9.99 1 1565d 9h
I have a 1995 Toyota 3.0L 4Runner and the fan seems to be $9.99 1 1564d 8h
oor inside cooling on my Dodge 1998 Ram 1500 with 360ci engine. $9.99 3 1562d 2h
1995 Mercury Tracer Trio, lost power when I got in the car, $14.99 1 1560d 5h
I have an 03 2500 quad cab long bed 5.9L cummins diesel 4X4. $14.99 1 1557d 8h
I have a 2006 Dodge Ram PU. The air conditioner will only blow $9.99 1 1556d 7h
I need the air conditioning and electrical component diagrams for the dash/center console in a 2007 gmc yukon xl. $14.99 1 1556d 6h
Hello, How do I disable the airbags on a Jaguar XF? I want to $14.99 1 1543d 5h
I have a 2006 Fleetwood Flair (Ford) and the 12v receptacles $14.99 1 1543d 38m
My car lost all it fluid out of the radiator. Before it lost the fluid I start getting a vapor in thorough my air conditoner vents. $14.99 1 1541d 8h
I have a 1990 Mercedes 190E. Earlier this year we replaced the $14.99 1 1537d 10h
i have a bmw 320d 00 and some times it just looses power its not the air flow meter because i changed it and this did not help $14.99 1 1534d 6h
I have a 1999 Cadillac Seville STS, last week when I started $14.99 1 1532d 5h
I am giving my beloved 1997 CRV to my son who has to give up $14.99 1 1532d 4h
1988 RAM w250, 5.2 litre gas engine. Engine cut out in snow $14.99 1 1532d 2h
I have a 2002 S55 and have suspension issues. The ABC warning $14.99 1 1531d 7h
I own a 1995 firebird formula with a LT1 six speed SLP headers $14.99 1 1530d 8h
2001 Audi A6 Quatro Wagon. Emergency flashers turn on by $14.99 1 1529d 7h
Hello, I am working on a 2001 Pontiac Montana Van ,The problem $14.99 1 1528d 7h
i have a 2003 range rover and i just replaced the front air $14.99 1 1527d 23h
Working on a customers 1990 prelude B20a3. It was brought in $14.99 1 1527d 8h
My 98 Maxima (297,000 miles) has starting problems. When the $14.99 1 1527d 7h
i have a 99 grand marquis with load leveling rear suspension. $14.99 1 1527d 6h
In the spring I put a cold air intake in my 05 ram . For about $9.99 1 1527d 1h
I have a 1985 380SL that runs rough after it warms up. It seems $14.99 1 1526d 9h
I have a 2001 fleetwood expedition, i started having an $24.99 1 1526d 8h
2002 Dodge Intrepid.Is the coolant air bleeder different on a $9.99 4 1526d 5h
Hi, I have a 2006 Acura MDX with 87,000 miles on it. I have $14.99 1 1526d 4h
I am at a loss right now. I have a 2004 Jetta 1.8t. Engine $14.99 1 1524d 6h
2000 a4 quattro 1.8T atw.....recently topped off AC with $14.99 1 1524d 5h
Why did my ac just stop cooling? I had valve covers replaced $25 4 1270d 8h
Hello. I have a problem with the ABS brake system. My car is $14.99 1 1523d 8h
My 2006 Nissan Maxima AC was not working. I had the low pressure $14.99 1 1522d 8h
2000 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel. Air conditioner clutch will engage $9.99 3 1522d 5h
I have a 1994 Nissan Frontier pickup. It is diesel, has an $14.99 1 1521d 6h
rv has r12 just converted to r134 and had a new hose low side $14.99 1 1521d 3h
1991 Buick Regal. 3.1 multiport FI. Runs (if left overnight) $14.99 1 1520d 21h
2006 Toyota Avalon......My radar detector wiring shorted and $14.99 1 1520d 6h
The climate control mode selector in my Grand Cherokee Laredo $9.99 5 1520d 5h
Okay I have a 2009 Kia Rio with about 41000 miles on $14.99 1 1520d 4h
Have a 1998 durango slt 5.2l. AC in the front does not blow $14.99 1 1520d 4h
95 Chrysler Intrepid: When the car is first started the AC $14.99 1 1520d 3h
Hi, I have a 2004 Subaru outback sedan. The a/c was acting up $14.99 1 1520d 14m
I have a 1996 class a fleetwood flair with noturn signal or emrgency flashers. I found the fuses under the $14.99 1 1519d 9h
I have a 1993 Ford Econoline E-350 7.3L (445 cubic inch) diesel, $24.99 1 1518d 8h
I have a 1998 buick park avenue with climate control. cold air $9.99 1 1518d 6h
obd11 gives me a po410 code which i understand is a secondary $9.99 1 1518d 2h
1992 Acura Legend L with automatic transmission. The A/C $24.99 1 1518d 2h
i have a 2000 lexus es300 my brake petal is low i put new $14.99 1 1517d 23h
I'm working with a 2004 Ford Superduty with a powerstorke. $9.99 1 1517d 4h
I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. The outside temp constantly $24.99 1 1517d 1h
ck / engine light diag. said mass air flow i clean the senser $24.99 2 1516d 3h
i overheated my 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit 1.6 ltr. DIESEL pick-up $24.99 5 1516d 2h
i HAVE A 2005 AUDI A4 WITH A 1.8T IN IT THAT KEEPS SETTING $9.99 2 1515d 8h
I HAVE A 1999 TOYOTA AVALONE WITH 58,000 MILES. IN THE MORNING $24.99 3 1515d 1h
What is the recommended repair/maintenance for a 2005 Titan quad cab, rear leaf spring squeak problem? $14.99 4 1514d 5h
In my new 2011 BMW Z4 there is excessive heat build up in the $14.99 4 1512d 9h
my 1995 audi A6 quattro cannot switch to defroster mode. When $24.99 4 1512d 7h
I took my 2000 cougar to the Ford dealer to have the metal $14.99 4 1512d 4h
I have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan. I just bought a new cabin $14.99 5 1512d 3h
1995 K2500. AC compressor went bad. Replaced Compressor, Dryer, $14.99 4 1511d 2h
I have a 2003 audi 3L WITH A cvt trans. five months and 2500.00 $9.99 5 1511d 6m
The air flow from the A/C or heater only comes thru the defroster $24.99 5 1510d 7h
Hi I have a 2001 Saturn SL2, the check engine light came on $24.99 3 1510d 4h
I have a 1999 v 10 in a motor home. I purchased an OBD 2 + 1 $14.99 5 1509d 4h
how do i pair the new iphone 4 to a bluetooth connection to a 2007 lexus 350? $14.99 4 1508d 4h
Our 2005 Mini Cooper with an automatic transmission often bucks $24.99 5 1508d 3h
My 2002 Chevy Tracker, 2.5 liter V-6 air conditioning system $9.99 2 1507d 2h
I have 96 cherokee, 4.0 inline 6, automatic trans, with just $24.99 2 1506d 4h
I have a 1999 XJ8 with only 84k kms on the clock. I have $14.99 2 1505d 7h
hi, i have a subaru impreza 2002 ts hatchback, over 70,000mi. $24.99 3 1505d 6h
My 1998 New Bettle with the 2.0 engine and manual tranny keeps $14.99 2 1502d 57m
How can I change the spark plugs without taking off the intake air plenum on a 1993 Toyota Camery $24.99 5 1498d 5h
Eng. backfiring thru the air intake when towing uphill underloaded conditions. Unloaded no problems at all. $40 1 1271d 4h
The cooling fan`s died on VW Jetta GLX. The engine started to $9.99 4 1496d 5h
I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I was told that the $14.99 3 1496d 3h
I have a 2003 BMW 325i with roughly 65k miles. When I turn on $14.99 2 1495d 2h
How do I adjust the height of the rear suspension air bags on a 1994 Lincoln Navigator $14.99 2 1493d 9h
I scanned the vehicle and these are the codes: PO720, PO037, $25 2 1271d 8h
About 2 weeks ago I put freon in my car I thought it might $9.99 3 1489d 6h
I was told the under dash fuse relay box was damaged and repair $14.99 3 1489d 4h
I have an 84 that reportedly needs a ECU and a Mass Airflow $24.99 5 1486d 6h
engine cuts off at random while driving with air conditioner on. Does not cut off while driving if a/c is not on. $14.99 5 1484d 5h
I have a 1984 c1500 PU that is difficult to start without $24.99 5 1480d 8h
What should I expect to pay to repair my driver's window on my Century $14.99 3 1480d 1h
I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi. My air conditioning $9.99 5 1479d 7h
i am interested in purchasing a 2002 merc c320. what are the $14.99 3 1479d 3h
removed steering on 2003 audi now i cannot get air bag light off got any help on how to reset the air bag light $9.99 5 1478d 2h
i just got my car back from autobody repair....the battery $9.99 2 1474d 7h
2004 Ram 1 ton 5.9 Cummins diesel. Standard trans. Engine light $9.99 3 1474d 5h
1998 GMC Yukon with 100,000 miles has been running horribly $24.99 4 1473d 6h
gages not working brake light on ase light on traction light on air will not work? $9.99 4 1472d 7h
I got a 2003 Yukon XL - rear blower motor was intermittent $9.99 5 1471d 6h
I have a 2000 Chevy Camaro with a v6 3800 series ll. It has a $14.99 2 1471d 6h
gages not working brake light on ase light on traction light on air will not work? $9.99 4 1470d 6h
NEED HELP I have a 2007 3500 ram diesel, the blower motor is $9.99 4 1469d 6h
My jeep is not blowing air out any vents no matter which item $9.99 5 1468d 5h
My 98 chevy cavalier locked in only forward. Triple A came $24.99 3 1467d 5h
I have a 2007 Pontiac G5 GT. A while ago, we changed the air $14.99 5 1467d 4h
I have recently replaced the airbag clock spring in my 2005 $9.99 5 1465d 6h
I have a f250 auto truck I pull a featherlite trailer with two $9.99 4 1462d 20h
I have recently replaced the airbag clock spring in my 2005 $9.99 3 1462d 20h
How do I get a quote on the repair of back window shade or screen? Can not find this on any listing $9.99 4 1462d 7h
Engine starts, runs 5-10 seconds then dies before idling. Dies $14.99 3 1459d 5h
Air compressor clutch is constantly running. This is causing my engine to overheat. How do i fix this? $9.99 3 1458d 8h
car is smoking when engine starts (engine light comes on). repairman said it needs a snout. What is a snout? $24.99 5 1456d 7h
Where is the Airbag module $9.99 2 1455d 7h
i believe my blower has gone out, where are the relay fuse $24.99 4 1454d 2h
bmw loses all power goes from 60 to no power, wont rev.does it repeatedly once it starts it new mass air flow sensor $14.99 4 1453d 4h
Why does my 2004 Audi a6 base 6cyl 2.7l make a wining noise while I'm driving with the air conditioner on. $24.99 5 1453d 2h
what does the ac compressor do car is over heating. repair shop states need new radiator and new ac compressor $14.99 2 1450d 6h
Why is my AC/Heat not working? When I have the fan on air $9.99 4 1450d 5h
What is the part behind the dashboard causing the dial that directs airflow inside to stick, be impossible to turn? $24.99 4 1449d 8h
no warm air is blowing $9.99 4 1446d 5h
fan stops operating when the air conditioning is on $9.99 2 1445d 9h
I have hose leaking or hole in vacuum hose i believe...i get high pitch air noise while i'm driving $14.99 4 1445d 3h
My car overheats when I turn on the Air Conditioner, what could be the cause? $24.99 3 1441d 8h
temperature goes up and a/c blows hot air $9.99 3 1439d 4h
How do I adjust the power steering belt if it is squeaking when I turn on my air conditioner? $14.99 3 1438d 8h
i saw a signal in my car saying -FAIL SAVE ENGIN MODE- and i want to know the cus of the problem and how to repeaired . $14.99 3 1438d 3h
my trans won't shift out of park with my foot on the brake the $14.99 3 1433d 7h
automatic shifting erratic 95k miles. problem only occurs when air is selected $14.99 4 1432d 7h
Possible problem with diverter valve? When I accelerate and $9.99 3 1431d 5h
engine cooling fan only comes on when my air conditioner is on if its off my engine runs hot how do i fix $9.99 3 1430d 4h
Where would the actuator door be for dual control heater, the drivers side defrost blows cool air the passenger side hot $14.99 4 1430d 3h
2001 Grand Cherokee Limited with the following problem - Cold $25 3 1272d 5h
I am working on a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with Automatic $9.99 13 1429d 7h
Where can I find a repair manual.??? I can only find them up to 2003. Can I use the 2003 edition??? $24.99 4 1428d 5h
What is wrong if my fan is not blowing out any air, either hot or cold? $24.99 4 1426d 4h
Why does my aircondtion mode change on it's own without pressing the mode switch? $14.99 2 1426d 3h
air flow sensor what the purpose of it my mileage is 48ooo $14.99 5 1423d 6h
Burning too rich. codes 0172 and 0175 245,000 miles. I changed the front two oxygen sensors, air filter ,and plugs but problem continues $24.99 3 1418d 7h
How to clean/replace idle air control valve $24.99 4 1417d 4h
air build up in fuel line Replaced primary fuel filter. Bled $14.99 3 1415d 3h
When I turn my climate control to heat, cold air comes out at $24.99 4 1412d 6h
This question refers to a Mercedes Benz 400CDI year 2001 Engine $24.99 7 1412d 2h
car can't climb loses power, rpm high( 4) when I excel, Car $24.99 3 1409d 5h
After replacing the mass air flow sensor, the check engine $9.99 4 1409d 4h
cabin air filter location 1998 nissan altima GXE $9.99 5 1408d 6h
beside the power steering refill tank, infront of air filter,there is a unit, has rubr tubes conn to sensors, to air fil $24.99 5 1405d 12m
no air coming out of defroster when in defrost position. Other vents working fine. $24.99 5 1404d 7h
need to find a location of an air intake temp sensor $14.99 3 1404d 6h
Check engine lite (Fault Code) P0304,need to know how to repair myself? $9.99 5 1403d 2h
heater vent peressure the heater motor is working on all $9.99 4 1401d 1h
Is it possible to replace a deployed passenger seat airbag without having to replace the whole seat? $14.99 3 1400d 3h
how long takes it to build in a new airco moter $9.99 5 1400d 53m
why does my car is blowing cold air when i turn on the heat? $14.99 3 1398d 22h
I have a 97 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.2L motor and my air/defrost compressor sounds like the bearings are going $9.99 4 1398d 3h
my car start, but has low rpm less than 500 rpm I had mass air flow sensor prelaced for a new one. $14.99 4 1395d 7h
my car start, but has low rpm less than 500 rpm I had mass air flow sensor prelaced for a new one. $14.99 4 1394d 7h
2001 Buick LaSabre 3.8L will not run at an idle. Check Engine $9.99 2 1393d 7h
I have an 02 dodge durango SLT & the rear heater doesn't work, $9.99 10 1392d 21h
My a/c is blowing warm air and fan works on car but not coming $24.99 5 1389d 1h
where in the engine compartment is the air filter located $14.99 5 1387d 5h
Front defroster no air flow at vents. Heater and blower working fine. $24.99 2 1387d 4h
sensor for the air bag in the passenger seat is sell together with the seat or can i get separate? $25 5 1384d 4h
Air Conditioner not cooling properly Air will work for bout $25 5 1383d 5h
I need repair instructions on removing a seat $15 4 1383d 3h
Where is the mass air flow sensor $10 1 1380d 1h
my car over heats and blows cold air what could this be $40 2 1377d 8h
Steps to replace the passenger's air bag $15 4 1377d 4h
Lower intake gasket replacement I was told that the plastic $25 4 1376d 1h
remote key will not open or lock the doors or trunk also the $40 2 1375d 1h
is the turbo going out???? when I start my car it chirps but $25 2 1369d 6h
Heater blows cold air,how do i repair blend doors from being $25 4 1369d 3h
my car jerks when in idle mode and the air conditioner is on replaced fuel filter,clean spark plugs and injectors/filters $25 3 1367d 7h
what causes engine to run rich .Can't find fuel-air adjustment smokes badly.consumes alot of fuel.engine surges up&down. $25 4 1367d 2h
what does it mean when a light above the ,check engine light $25 4 1366d 4h
#2 misfire, changed plugs and wires, do not know how to $25 5 1364d 1h
what is the cost of repairing a frozen camber and toe $10 1 1361d 7h
CAR WON.T START WITH KEY Key cylinder is OK and ignition $25 4 1360d 9h
My 1995 jeep grand cherokee only puts out hot air when you rev $25 4 1359d 3h
replaced throttle body due to bad sensor on 2006 hhr. I`m $25 4 1358d 5h
My 98 merc sable sta wgn (8th letter S)with 3.0 DOHC has $25 3 1354d 1h
how do I reset airbag light, so it goes off $25 2 1352d 6h
My car only blows out lukewarm air out of the vents $25 3 1352d 3h
Truck bed rust hole repair? $15 3 1350d 8h
What could be causing the secondary air injection to malfunction? $25 3 1350d 1h
cold air in the back a/c but not the front $25 5 1349d 3h
Are there any diagnostic scanners that can read and rest airbag codes? $15 3 1348d 2h
I'm getting no air out of the defrost vents $25 3 1346d 6h
Air bag light on $25 2 1344d 3h
How to replace the air filter? Can't seem to find it! $15 2 1343d 5h
Can't get any air out of the defrost $25 2 1341d 8h
is there both a mass airflow (maf) sensor andd a (map) sensor on this particular motor $10 1 1274d 5h
What is a reasonable repair cost to fix a leak in the rack and pinion assembly ? $10 2 1330d 2h
Question: My 98 merc sable sta wgn (8th letter S)with 3.0 DOHC $25 1 1327d 2h
driver side vents blow hot air, passenger vents blows cold air when a/c is on. $25 3 1326d 7h
driver side vents blow hot air, passenger vents blows cold air when a/c is on. $25 5 1324d 4h
the airbag light is on and flashing a 19 what does that mean $25 3 1323d 4h
What does the service air ride mean? $25 1 1321d 4h
My jeep isn't making heat. Changed thermostat, waterpump, and $10 7 1317d 6h
my air bag light is ON ,and some time the seat belt light stays on do I fix this problem? $25 2 1316d 7h
under the front seats there are two pipes that in the car manual, are air conditioning exits. $25 2 1311d 4h
At fan speed 1 compressor comes on like it should but the $25 2 1310d 4h
2001 chrysler lhs i just put new heater core thermostat and $10 4 1306d 6h
After having the clutch replaced by a mechanic my Airbag waning light is on. Also the $25 2 1303d 8h
Can i reset the airbag ligth? $25 1 1300d 5h
huge differencefor price of acturator for 1999 tl front door. $25 1 1298d 8h
where could you find an electronic version of a service / repair manual? $10 1 1298d 4h
At low speeds it seems to run fairly well but when you accelerate it will start to accelerate then die then accelerate $40 1 1290d 7h
Rear brake repair cost complete pads and rotors $10 1 1290d 5h
the dealer said i needed a new filter for the heating and air conditioner, not blowing enough air through the vent. where is this filter located? $10 1 1290d 4h
Air only blows out of the defrosts, not out of front or floor vents. Control knob moves but doesn't seem to change $40 3 1288d 8h
what kind of tools does it take to repair the water pump $15 1 1285d 6h
wiring diagram air bag system $10 1 1282d 3h
vehicle will not keep running at start up fuel pressure at $25 2 1279d 8h
my car blows air but, it isn't cold air. I have had it serviced $25 1 1279d 3h
why does my air conditioner blow warm the heater works fine $25 5 1279d 2h
I need to replace a etc sensor and two front axles and boots, est. repair $2000, is it worth it? $25 1 1279d 1h
I need to replace a etc sensor and two front axles and boots, est. repair $2000, is it worth it? $10 1 1278d 9h
how much does it cost to repair the exhaust manifold and gasket $10 1 1278d 7h
Loud Howling noise from Air inlet area of engine when started $25 5 1278d 5h
No air for ac or heat, dash knob will not turn, is this a blower problem or circuit board problem? $25 3 1277d 8h
repair sliding door window the window is out of line and rattles all the time, how do you tighten this window $15 1 1269d 7h
Just had a motor put in. Heat gauge stays on cold, won't blow warm air. Anyone have any idea's or similar issues? $25 2 1267d 9h
CV Joint driver's side broke, engine runs fine, car cannot move repair costs $25 1 1266d 7h
Where do I find the cabin air filter? Found the one in the engine compartment but there is a second one $10 1 1264d 8h
How do I change the air filter $15 1 1264d 6h
I was wondering if I buy a mass air sensor for a 3,0ii will it fit on a 2.5i motor. Thanks. $25 1 1262d 8h
replaced idle air control valve due to auto not idling, testing confirmed bad vavle, now car races & exhuast is glowing $40 2 1258d 5h
mass air flow sensor.use cleaner or replace part. $20 1 1255d 6h
A/c doesn't blow cold air, the freon checks out fine. A/c doesnt seem to cycle Air blows well, just not cool $20 1 1250d 9h
how to repair a purge flow sensor circuit? $15 1 1243d 8h
When air conditioning is on cold air comes from side vents and defroster, not the center dash vents? $20 1 1243d 8h
AC fan does not work. Max/AC does not cool. Norm/AC cools only $20 3 1242d 8h
already replaced front struts shocks.breaks feel bad also i $20 2 1241d 5h
How to replace In Cabin Air Filter? $15 1 1241d 4h
how do I bleed out the air in the cooling system $15 1 1239d 9h
Sometimes driving with heat on then on its own cold air comes out, other times a/c on heat blows out $20 3 1239d 7h
The AC fan seems to work (but doesn't blow cool air) but the $20 2 1236d 8h
2 months ago, I had just put gas in my car and was waiting in $20 1 1234d 8h
How do I unplug the air conditioner condensation drain to keep the water outside the passenger compartment? $15 1 1233d 10h
How do I change air filter? $15 1 1230d 10h
is it possible to damage the transmission during the repair of a cv joint and axle passenger side $20 2 1230d 9h
engine starts,then dies rapidly.i disconnected mass air flow meter.engine runs ,but give it gas and it dies. $20 2 1229d 9h
What is the estimated cost of repair for the rear differential Parts plus labor ? $20 1 1227d 9h
the red on the battery is getting hot and the air won't shut off $40 1 1227d 9h
Is there a way to check to see if my air mass senor is working & would it make my rpm run higher than nomal $15 1 1227d 9h
Over the last several days, the a/c in our 1990 Deville has $20 5 1226d 10h
I get great air flow hot and cold. The vent is stuck in defrost towards the windshield $40 2 1223d 9h
the air suspension blanks out and goes down to zero and will not respond and i cant get it up untill i restart car $40 1 1221d 9h
I think this could be my bearings but am not sure. Whenever $20 2 1220d 9h
car lost power then petered out and when trying to start it blow gas back though the air filter $40 1 1219d 9h
my air con works, but only has 2 speeds is it the control switch? $20 2 1218d 10h
rear ac vents has warm air front ac works fine where is rear vent actuator located $10 1 1217d 5h
when i first start the car the a/c cools the car to 58F then $20 4 1216d 10h
how do you remove the intake and injection distributer off to $15 2 1216d 10h
replaced the, Plugs, Wire, Cap, Rotor, Distributar, Cleaned $40 1 1215d 9h
Where is the air conditioning oriface tube located $10 1 1212d 9h
Where do I put the coolant for the air conditioning? Does the ca need to be on a lift $10 1 1212d 8h
The PGM-FI light came on and later a noise began coming under $20 1 1211d 9h
where is the cabin air filter $10 1 1211d 9h
have 90,000 miles on vehicle and the a/c has a small leak $20 4 1211d 9h
airbag light won't turn off $20 3 1209d 10h
would like to know if the alternator can be opened and therefore repaired or is it a seald unit, in that case have to be replaced $20 1 1208d 8h
heater control does not work you can turn the control any $40 1 1207d 10h
What is the name of the part that switches the air from hot to cold $10 1 1207d 8h
replace front left caliper, rear wheel cylinder on left side, $20 3 1203d 9h
air conditioner blow cold at idle only , but not when driving $20 3 1202d 9h
cant seem to get rid of the code P1151 Manufactures Control $20 3 1200d 9h
iwant to know the engine oil capacity, oil recomended for this car and oil filter number, cannot find a repair manual in my area. $15 1 1198d 10h
changing air filter $15 1 1195d 9h
The front a/c works find also the fan motor work OK in the back it just blows warm air $20 2 1194d 10h
Why does my car run ruff when the air or heater fan is on $20 4 1194d 8h
ignition malfuction, does not turn engine ignition fails to turn engine, battery fairly new $20 3 1191d 9h
what does the code PO 340 mean and how can this be repaired, what are the cost of the parts and possible the labor $15 2 1190d 8h
i failed my emmissions test with the diagnostic code p0446. how do i repair it? $20 2 1184d 9h
i have a 2002 chevy 1500 and my heat stoped to blow hot air it only blows cold. but my ac works great $10 1 1183d 3h
Jim: I built a 1934 ford coupe using an LT1 engine. I installed $20 16 1181d 4h
Need help repairing wire connecter to wheel bearing. The end pulled right off $15 1 1178d 10h
a/c compressor is not producing cold air $20 2 1174d 9h
My 2005 Ford Explorer is only blowing Hot air when in AC Mode. $20 3 1173d 9h
how cold should the air be blowing inside the car ? $20 1 1172d 9h
Air condition not cooling $20 3 1172d 9h
My drivers door will not unlocked with a key or unlock button what can I do to repair it? $20 2 1171d 8h
Explain further possible damage if recall on ecm relay inside ipdm assembly not repaired $20 2 1170d 9h
Truck hard to start. Turns over, gets fuel, and air. May crank, may not. I replaced the coil pack, what next $40 1 1165d 8h
feel hot air when the car is moving on my legs the car has $20 3 1164d 9h
My airbag light came on and is flashing when the car is cranked. Remains flashing until I turn car off $20 2 1163d 5h
no air at all comes out vents for a/c 98 dodge ram van... have replaced blower motor, switch ,and relay $20 8 1161d 8m
how do you clean an idle air control valve $20 3 1160d 1h
My Quest a/c blows cold air from the rear unit, but warm air from the front. $20 5 1159d 3h
My airbag light is turn on .. is it the sencor problem $20 3 1157d 2h
My car is leaning to one side. It has the air ride suspension i think? $20 4 1156d 10h
The a/c compressor of my car with 48000 km is not producing $20 5 1155d 8h
I hear a actuator click every 20 seconds or so when I have the fresh air button on. Any ideas? $40 1 1153d 2h
The engine seems to bog down a little when I turn the air condition on. $20 2 1151d 8h
Where is the cabin air filter located? how difficult is it to replace. $15 2 1147d 6h
how much does it cost to repair the rims of a 2011 durango citadel. There is a scratch on my rear rim on the left side? $20 1 1144d 1h
My air will only blow out of the defrost and at your feet. it will not come through the vents in the dash. $25 1 1143d 6h
How can I replace or repair my sagging headliner in my car $20 2 1142d 8h
Replaced plugs,PCV valve,and air filter.Car still idles $25 2 1139d 9h
Whenever the car is started, a clicking sound comes from the $25 1 1135d 9h
Whay does my air conditioner stop blowing cold air when I am at a stop light or idol $25 3 1135d 8h
AC/Heating vents located back of console not blowing air $40 1 1132d 2h
air bag light on, no horn or cruise control $25 1 1129d 6h
Location of air bag module $15 1 1125d 7h
How hard is it to repair or replace the dash indicator light for my turn signal. The right one only works occasionally. $20 1 1124d 5h
Had both air suspension bags changed last month. Now the $25 3 1122d 7h
When I put the aircondition on temp guage start moving to the red when I turn the aircondition off the guage goes back $25 4 1120d 4h
I have bypassed the heater core and now have a single line $25 1 1110d 2h
scanned the vehicle and these are the codes: PO720, PO037, $25 5 1108d 9h
air suspension engine light is on what do I do $25 2 1108d 3h
the steering wheel clicks when you turn, also the airbag light is on and the horn does not work $25 2 1107d 7h
how is the air filter changed on my focus. $20 1 1107d 5h
Had hit something head on my radiator fluids leaked out how much to repair $20 1 1106d 4h
How do I change the power steering-air conditioner belt on a 2004 PT Cruisere $20 2 1105d 3h
when i turn engine off it makes a burp noise or air noise $25 3 1104d 4h
i brought a new raditor 4 my car,my fan is not blowing and the ac is blowing out hot air,is there a switch 2 turn it on $40 2 1103d 4h
Where is the air door actuator located $15 1 1098d 7h
I left my car for maintenance in the repair shop and by the $20 1 1096d 7h
Catalyst Air to fuel ratio sensor bank 1... Which one is that? Upstream or downstream of the 2 cat conv? $25 1 1096d 4h
Drivers side air is not cold, passenger side is cold $40 1 1093d 7h
Air suspension not working $25 2 1088d 8h
ESP light stays on. In the repair shop now and saying it is the ABS module pump but can not find any information on this $40 1 1088d 3h
I have a 2001 jeep grand cherokee limited with dual climate $25 1 1085d 10h
The airbag light comes on and does not turn off. $40 2 1084d 8h
How much should it cost to fix the air suspension. It need a new motor. $15 1 1082d 6h
Why does my air conditioner smell musty and damp when I turn it on? $25 2 1080d 6h
How do I repair a sprung door hinge? Door will not close. $20 1 1078d 5h
How do I change defective vacuum hose for secondary air injection system $20 2 1072d 6h
just bought 03 focus for 16yr old, brakes work fine, put when you push on them sounds like air leak coming from under the pedal $25 2 1058d 6h
stalls when air temp is below 58degrees untill engine warms up $25 2 1058d 4h
Vehicle does not level. Diagnostics indicate a faulty component $25 3 1052d 5h
I am trying to replace the heater control motor mountrd under the fresh air blower box.I can't see how to remove the box $20 1 1051d 8h
my air and fuel code came on is that my mas air flow sensor ? $25 3 1047d 2h
rear air suspension goes down overnite $25 2 1046d 2h
2000 dodge stratus heater only blows cold air out the vent,when you go on the road it gets warm air. $40 1 1045d 5h
I had both outer tire rod end replaced. Now my aliment seems totally out Should i have had my car realigned after such a repair $20 2 1042d 22h
Does axle have to be removed to repair parking brake $20 1 1041d 3h
blowing cold air when heater is turned on instead of blowing hot air $25 2 1040d 1h
How do I change the interior air filter on my 2003 s-type jaguar $20 2 1039d 3h
passenger side wiper does not work,how do i repair $25 3 1037d 3h
i have a bad smell coming from both the heater and air conditioner when turned on. How can i eliminate the smell? $25 2 1032d 2h
Driver seat is stuck in the most fwd position due to a air freshener. How do I remove seat or the motor. $20 2 1032d 1h
I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee with falecode 47-54 on the $20 9 1030d 23h
Why would the air bag light blink on dash after vehicle starts? $25 2 1030d 7h
Why does hot air blow out on driver side & cold on pass. side when heat is on and car is warmed up? $25 1 1018d 4h
Recently I must hold the key longer to start the truck. It $25 2 1017d 3h
Air Bag light comes on and off at random. code 26 $25 1 1012d 3h
The a/c is a dual control, passenger side is blowing ice cold air, drivers side is blowing HOT air. $25 2 999d 8h
I Have a 2004 dodge Dakota 4WD A/T. Engine started to sputter $25 5 993d 18h
I have no heat just cold air $25 2 990d 6h
my front breaks are grinding bad how much will it cost for the repair? $25 1 987d 8h
Why does my car keep blowing cold air with the heat on? $25 2 981d 2h
Why does my car keep blowing cold air with the heat on? $25 2 980d 8h
where is the cabin air filter and how do you replace it? $20 2 978d 6h
I have a 1986 Chevy C10 (with AC but the AC compressor isn\'t $25 5 976d 23h
i hsvr on 08 6.4 powerstroke that has a P0284 code contribution $15 1 976d 19h
hello joe,can you help me,i must have a subaru �repairdiagnostiktoolfrom $40 2 976d 7h
What is the usual reason for the AIR BAG light? $25 2 976d 1h
Hi there, 1989 S10 blazer, 4.3L VIN 1GNCT18Z3K0176502. $25 1 970d 10h
How can i repair my soft top cover without having to purchase a new one? Have a big tear in it near passenger side. $20 1 968d 7h
P0505 code,changed idle air cont then,air temp sensor. Idle is still high $25 1 957d 5h
1997 bmw 528i; key rotates in ignition; had to pull batt. cable to kill power, how to repair?? $25 3 957d 4h
my car is sittting low in the rear and the air pump is no longer working $25 3 954d 3h
why the gas tank is getting air? every time when i open it I can hear the air coming out. $25 1 953d 7h
My climate control does not work properly. I put the setting at 70 degrees and it blows only hot air $25 2 953d 5h
it chugs as it goes up hills at slow speed. I had oil changed and air filter. what could it be. $25 2 952d 5h
Driver side heater blows cold air $25 2 947d 1h
Rear shocks air not holding $25 2 945d 4h
replaced the battery and the mass air flow sensor because a mechanic said it was bad but why don't my car stay running $25 2 944d 5h
Were is the cab air filter located. Looking to replace cab air filter $15 2 943d 7h
i need 2 replace my secondary air pump but i cant find it on the car & direcions on how to would help also $20 1 943d 4h
How do you change the rear shocks air compressor? $20 2 927d 1h
cooling fans only comes on when I turn on air conditioner $25 2 925d 9h
my car failed emission testing with the followingproblems, $15 1 916d 6h
I charged the ac system and had cold air for aprox. 2 days. $25 2 915d 6h
air vents continuously making flapping noise $25 3 913d 6h
air temp door actuator not mooving $25 2 912d 7h
My check engine light went on. So I decided to take my car to $20 1 908d 9h
Air Conditioner runs on and off by itself $25 4 907d 9h
My 2002 Tahoe is not blowing any air on fan speed number 1. All other fan speeds seem to work well. $20 2 905d 14h
air filter replace for engine $20 1 897d 3h
I have a late Pontiac Grand Am leaking coolant; mechanic said $25 1 893d 8h
rear air shock will not inflate $25 1 892d 9h
How do you replace the cabin air filter? $20 2 892d 8h
had a service engine soon light on and had the code read at $25 1 889d 8h
What's the repair for fault code P0463? I filled up my $25 1 888d 8h
What is the procedure and what tools do i need to replace the secondary air pump? $20 1 884d 9h
How can I tell if my idle air control needs to be replaced? $25 1 880d 4h
How to replace the air injection pump? $20 3 864d 5h
My air conditioning blower switch only works on high? $25 1 834d 9h
trouble code p0103 mass air flow circuit high input $25 1 833d 9h
Two rims are slightly bent. Was told $100-125 each to repair. Cost of new ones about $400. How safe are repaired rims? $25 1 831d 3h
The air conditioner blows up through the defrost vent while the selector is on any function. $20 2 825d 7h
a/c will blow cold air most of the time and then randomly blow hot air out of the drivers side only. $25 1 818d 9h
where is cabin air filter located? $20 1 816d 19h
Air conditioner on drivers side blows out hot air and blows out cold air on passenger side. $25 1 808d 9h
Air does not come out of front air vents. $25 1 797d 8h
Replace intake air temperature sensor $20 1 791d 19h
01 Ford Focus. Low side reading fluctuates between 25 and 50 $25 3 788d 57m
Can I use a clear coat touch up pen to repair circular minor scratches $25 1 783d 3h
How do i find and repair an a/c leak? $25 1 776d 23h
where is cabin air filter located? $20 1 776d 22h
Flutter noise from engine area of car when AC is on, both heat $40 1 769d 8h
Do head gasket repair additives work? $25 1 769d 5h
i have a brake line leak in the rear of the car i fill the $20 1 762d 2h
How to adjust the air fuel mixture? $20 1 756d 9h
I have a lot of friends , and they also have cars . But our $20 1 749d 16m
My car had a blown the head gasket. Removed, repaired and put $25 1 747d 8h
until 2 days ago air blowers worked great now correct temperature of air but very very little air moving. What's wrong? $25 1 721d 8h
How do you reset the abs light after making repair $40 1 714d 3h
The Service Airbag light is on constantly. What kind of service might be needed? Is this an expensive service? $25 1 709d 22h
Check engine light diagnosis shows PO411 secondary air injection flow incorrect $25 1 700d 8h
Hi Dennis, i have a Grand cherokee Overland 2009 with dual $25 3 668d 10h
Jen:November 27,2012 11:00am. I have a 2000 Ford Explorer with $25 9 662d 3h
I was driving my car with the heater on high. It was about 20 $25 1 632d 19h
Cold air coming out of the vents,empty overflow tank? $25 1 599d 18h
air idle control valve was replaced, idle is still not right? $25 1 578d 19h
am unable to gain access to air filter box on 944S2 Porsche. What do I need to do to access air box? $20 1 574d 1h
What is wrong when my car overheats and puts out no air driving down the road? $25 1 543d 21h
Car idles rough then calms down a bit but pick up isn't great $25 1 529d 20h
I put rotors and brake pads on this vehicle, now the brake pedal goes to the floor. I bled them and their is no air $25 1 525d 8h
I have a 1999 Ford Taurus with a DOHC 24V and I took a part $15 2 506d 23h
The Check Air Suspension light came on on my Grand Marquis LS, and the back end is up very high. $20 1 481d 10h
When I press auto button on ac control it wont stay on and goes to econ.What will cause my air-conditioning compressor clutch not to engage? $25 1 466d 20h
Getting oil in my air filter? $25 1 466d 6h
P0411 = Secondary Air Injection System Incorrect Flow Detected. What is the fix? $25 1 465d 10h
Trying to install a cabin air filter,cannot figure out whether to install the carbon side facing down or up? $20 1 458d 18h
This truck sounds like a vacuum cleaner its sucking so much $25 3 447d 23h
my fanbelt makes a periodic squealing noise when the air conditioner or defrost turns on and squeals off and on? $25 1 445d 21h
Air will only come out of the defrost and floor vents and not the panel vents, no matter what setting the AC unit is on, i.e. max AC, automatic $25 1 386d 4h
the battery light came on. I didnt think much of it since it $25 1 384d 8h
My son was in a fender bender that set off the air bags. Now $25 1 377d 6h
How to replace a rear air shock? $20 1 363d 7h
Why is my heater always putting out hot air. fan of or not air conditioner on or not no matter where the temp control is set $25 1 336d 9h
low tire pressure dash light stay on when none of my tires,including spare, are low on air? $25 1 321d 8h
Why did the fan for heat and air conditioning stop working? $25 1 318d 19h
I have a 2003 Jeep GC..first the passenger side would only $40 13 286d 1h
I had previously asked for directions on how to repair the $40 12 285d 20h
Hit something in the road on the way home, cut into one of the $5 1 276d 18h
It was 9F cold and my saturn wouldn't start. Cold weather, so $5 1 238d 19h
If i leave it running while sitting my heat works but when i drive down the interstate it feels like the air conditions on $5 1 219d 19h
I was driving down the street the other day going about 35mph $5 1 218d 20h
secondary air pump location? $15 1 184d 21h
i have a vw golf 2003, 1.6L SE it has a fault code of p0102 i know it is a mass air low input but i cant work out what is wrong $5 1 166d 10h
When I purchased the vehicle the emergency brake handle could $5 1 160d 8h
how to repair 2004 vw jetta door ajar light $5 1 122d 20h
picture or a diagram of air conditioner unit in 3.4 chevy venture motor $15 1 119d 8h
black round fan with a 12 volt motor beside air cond on a 1986 crown vic what is it? $5 1 116d 19h
2002 buick lesabre bucks and jerks computer says air flow indicator $5 1 115d 20h
how to fix a/c on 2001 isuzu rodeo ls v6 only blows out cold air for 5 minutes then stops $20 1 114d 21h
98merc sable air conditioning diagram $15 1 111d 9h
bmw steering air bag blown wont start 2.0. diesel $40 1 111d 9h
had timing belt and water pump changed in my pt cruiser and the air conditioner now smells and puts ot hot air why $5 1 107d 20h
my air conditioner in my 95 lexus es300 is only blowing on the bottom and defrost, what could it be $5 1 107d 20h
when i turn on a/c on my 1997 pontiac trans sport passenger side blows cold . but driver side blows warm air ? $5 1 107d 20h
1998 jeep wrangler electronic outage of radio, airbag lights, emergency blinker, signal lights malfunction $5 1 104d 8h
97 grand caravan runs very bad. has a popping noise in the air box when accelerating $40 1 58d 21h
1993 Jeep Cherokee will not run repaired short. Got it running but will not stay running unless you remove the #5 spark plug wire. $5 1 46d 19h
My car overheats when it\'s extremely hot outsie only when it is idyling when i turn off the air it cools down $5 5 29d 54m