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My check engine light turned on my 97 F150, took it to Autozone $15 5 2248d 5h
I have a 2000 Taurus 3.0 with a check engine light on. I had $15 8 2248d 3h
Hello, I have a two door 2005 dodge stratus rt with a 3.0 v6. $15 2 2246d 2h
My check engine light just came on today and i dont know what $15 2 2246d 2h
1998 Jeep 4.0 will not Idle. No check engine light. $15 1 2246d 2h
i have a 2003 jeep gr cherokee with a P0500 code that is current $15 1 2246d 2h
97 jeep cherokee laredo sport, 4.0L. after driving an hour $15 1 2246d 1h
I'm trying to remove the headlight lens on my 2004 Hyundai Elentra so I can clean it. $15 1 2246d 1h
What does a O/D light that's on mean $15 1 2246d 1h
Several of the wires going to the door broke causing the windows $15 1 2246d 1h
I have a 2000 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 5.9L V8, it has 233,000 miles $25 1 2246d 1h
Im working on a 2000 dodge stratus 2.5L v6, Iv changed the $15 3 2246d 1h
Hello I have a 1999 Dodge caravan with a 3.o liter engine. I $15 1 2246d 56m
is there anywhere that I can get the instructions for replacing $15 1 2246d 51m
I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus 4cyl car with 175,500 miles on it. $35 1 2240d 5h
Didn't get hood completely closed after filling fluids and $15 1 2240d 4h
My car jerks when I stop at the light. It runs with no problem $25 1 2239d 9h
Here\'s the next issue - 95 SL320 with check engine light on $25 1 2239d 9h
94 olds regency 98 will start and stall no codes, fuel pressure $15 1 2239d 8h
2007 2,.2 automatic Saturn Ion, keys stuck in ignition, no $15 1 2239d 8h
2001 rav4 252.000 kms 'automatic' - when shifting 'down' into the lowest gear gives a slight 'thunk' $25 1 2239d 7h
2007 audi a4 2.0 t Is lopeing really bad at idle. check engine $15 1 2239d 6h
1998 Cadillac Sedan Deville V8 the car run smooth but the $15 1 2239d 5h
Hello, I'm working on a 1997 GMC Jimmy with a downshift problem. $15 1 2239d 4h
Have 2004 Honda Accord. Stuck in park and TCS Indicator symbol $15 1 2239d 4h
Greetings I replaced my 2006 Legacy wagon 92000KM passenger $15 1 2239d 3h
95 Buick Roadmaster wagon with 350LT1 Hesitates when cold $15 1 2238d 13h
my '93 SC400 Lexus computer is not sending codes. The car runs $35 1 2238d 10h
2003 merc mountaineer, 4.6 v8. engine slightly bogs especially $15 1 2238d 9h
have a 2005 jetta tdi. this car will sometimes jug while $15 1 2238d 7h
rear brake lights out on cadillac 2006 cts. the manual says the fuse block is under the back seat but its not. wonder where it is... $15 1 2238d 5h
2003 gmc 1/2 ton truck .. engine misse and hesitates when $15 1 2238d 5h
I have a 2004 pontiac sunfire and my problem is the high as $15 1 2238d 3h
my 2003 audi tt just began having problems with starting $15 1 2237d 13h
Buick rendezvous, brake light comes on and alarm sound while $15 1 2237d 12h
My 2008 Escalade seems to have some electrical issues- my radio $25 1 2237d 11h
my 92 honda accord D4 light flashing only have D3 and 2nd gear $15 1 2237d 10h
2006 Saturn VUE, automatic, 25k miles on it. Problem: going $15 1 2235d 13h
I have a 98 sunfire that willnot start.Theft light is on when $25 1 2235d 7h
Hi, my 2001 Audi A4 1.8T avant manual 5 speed randomly stalls, $25 1 2234d 11h
i just had my speed sensor replaced last week (my ab light and $25 1 2234d 9h
my 1989 toyota tercel srarted ok then it would not start no $25 1 2234d 8h
2003 merc mountaineer, 4.6 v8. engine slightly bogs especially $15 1 2233d 10h
check engine light blinks;car stalls after long freeway driving. Car can take up to 5 min before restarting $15 1 2233d 7h
1980 Jaguar series 3, 4.2 injected 6. Stopped dead and traced $15 1 2232d 13h
I've been told that my dashboard cluster must be replaced in $9.99 1 2230d 12h
Good morning! My '93 SC400 has had power go off on the highway $24.99 1 2230d 6h
1992 buick park avenue. Trouble shifting into OD on the $14.99 1 2229d 12h
I have a 2003 audi tt quattro with 57200 miles and I just $14.99 1 2229d 9h
I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier pickup. I installed a plug for $9.99 1 2227d 12h
i have a 2001 toyota camry that is not letting fuel into the $9.99 1 2227d 11h
1992 Chevy 1500 pickup 5.7L automatic with air, TBI. The $9.99 1 2227d 6h
installing a 2000 GMC Alternator on a old 79 GMC blazer, field wiring and trouble light color codes for the wires? $14.99 1 2226d 10h
99 a4 quattro 2.8...check engine light wont codes stored.. $9.99 1 2226d 9h
I have a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis the automatic traction $9.99 1 2226d 3h
Hey. I need help about my 98 BMW 740il. My car works fine first $14.99 1 2225d 12h
1995 2500 chevy no break lights checked fuses in cab replaced $9.99 1 2225d 11h
My 2003 dodge grand caravan 3.8 starts intermmitantly.Started $9.99 1 2225d 9h
Hi I have 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited - V8. This is my $24.99 1 2225d 7h
My 2001 Mercedes C240 rear light keeps flashing. What is the possible cause? $24.99 1 2224d 10h
My 2000 Civic HX is now giving me a P1399 code as well as $9.99 1 2224d 9h
I have a 2005 jeep cherioke with a hemi. Two problems the $9.99 11 2224d 8h
2006 Ram 2500 Trailer Light Plug. Not getting fire to all $9.99 1 2224d 8h
The brake lights on my 2003 Jeep Liberty are not working (got $9.99 7 2224d 6h
Last week we were driving back from the store , the check $9.99 1 2223d 8h
the emergency lights work but NOT the left or right signal $9.99 1 2222d 13h
I have a 2002 mazda mpv with the 3.0 v6 which is the ford $9.99 1 2222d 10h
97 Plymouth Voyager has intermitant start issue. When it $9.99 3 2219d 9h
my datsun pickup 720; rear lights, signal lamps, room lamps and horn do not function, all fuses are ok, what's up? $9.99 1 2219d 6h
have a 1999 Grand CHerokee with the ABS brake light on dash on/off intermittently. Can you determine what the problem is? $9.99 5 2219d 3h
i have a 97 sable, 3.0 after the car has been running for 20 $9.99 1 2218d 13h
I have a 2008 Jeep Patriot Limited with factory moonroof. Only $9.99 3 2218d 11h
2002 jeep GC - AC hot air when light are on.... AC is working $9.99 5 2217d 11h
I have a 2003 Honda Accord, automatic 4 cylier. The horn fuse, $24.99 1 2214d 10h
2006 Mercedes CLS 500 While driving to work, everything $9.99 1 2214d 8h
I have a 1987 Pontiac Trans am with 35K miles on it. Recently $14.99 1 2211d 13h
I have a 1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas. a month or so ago I had snow $14.99 1 2210d 13h
My 1996 Subaru engine was replaced with a later model. As a $14.99 1 2209d 12h
How can I wire the foglights on my 2004 Mazda R-X8 so they can $14.99 1 2209d 11h
hi i bought a 1998 cadillac deville the factory radio and alarm $14.99 1 2208d 10h
my daughter has a 2004 audi a4 1.8 turbodiesel-says the oil pressure light just came on. she has just moved to wash dc $14.99 1 2207d 10h
I have 1996 3.2 with 300K+ miles. Just changed passenger side $14.99 1 2204d 12h
i have a 1996 saab 900s and the warning triangular light came on and the battery lite lit up. Is there a way to test or troubleshoot the problem? $14.99 1 2200d 13h
My 2002 Jeep Liberty V-6 3.7 4WD will not start until it cools $14.99 1 2193d 12h
I have an 2003 Audi A6 2.7T 6-speed. The ABS and ESP lights $14.99 1 2192d 12h
my 2005 chevy express van just shut off while driving tried to restart and would not lights fllashing ondash and eratic starter function $14.99 1 2191d 12h
98 mercury grand marquis battery light comes on and off $14.99 1 2191d 8h
I Have A 2004 Century Custom And The Shift Indicator + Radio $14.99 1 2188d 12h
I have a 1997 senta and I had the same engine from another $14.99 1 2185d 13h
I have a 2004 QX56 that has been to the dealer 6 times for the $14.99 1 2182d 8h
I have a 2002 VW golf, and on a recent roadtrip, a penny fell $14.99 1 2182d 6h
2003 a4 1.8 t transmission wasnt engaging in reverse replaced $14.99 1 2182d 5h
I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. While driving at $14.99 1 2181d 3h
I have a 1999 Cadillac Seville STS, last week when I started $14.99 1 2180d 8h
1988 RAM w250, 5.2 litre gas engine. Engine cut out in snow $14.99 1 2180d 5h
my 2004 330xi bmw wont start, radio lights everythilng works $24.99 1 2180d 4h
I have a 2004 Nissan Titan. Yesterday I went to the store and $14.99 1 2179d 11h
I have a 2002 S55 and have suspension issues. The ABC warning $14.99 1 2179d 10h
I have an e350 chassis for my RV. Last night I was driving $14.99 1 2179d 8h
i have an 1986 gmc pick up my front lights work but no break,tail,license or reverse please help $14.99 1 2179d 4h
I own a 1995 firebird formula with a LT1 six speed SLP headers $14.99 1 2178d 11h
My 2010 Acura MDX seems to have light engine knock under light $14.99 1 2178d 9h
i own a 2001 ls430-the engine light goes on,i bring it to the $14.99 1 2178d 7h
Hello, I am looking for left tail light bulb assembly for a $9.99 1 2177d 9h
2003 Forester, 68K miles The AT oil light comes on and flashes, $14.99 1 2177d 8h
2000 Ford Explorer 4 dr courtesy light stays on, Door Ajar $14.99 1 2177d 7h
2005 PTCruiser w Turbo: Want to pull a small, lightweight Alite $9.99 5 2177d 6h
I have a 2005 mercury montego with 36100 miles and when i $14.99 1 2177d 6h
On my 1997 Deville all of my lights come on but not my headlights. what could it be. $24.99 1 2176d 10h
My 2004 Saturn L300 shakes slightly and tries to lurch forward $14.99 1 2176d 9h
I have a 2002 Honda Accord SE and when I turn off the car my $14.99 1 2176d 9h
How do I remove the head light assembly from a 1999 RX 300 to replace it with a new assembly?Both right and left head lights $14.99 1 2176d 4h
Working on a customers 1990 prelude B20a3. It was brought in $14.99 1 2175d 12h
i have a 99 grand marquis with load leveling rear suspension. $14.99 1 2175d 10h
2002 Dodge Dakota over revs while idling or between shifts on $9.99 14 2175d 3h
2008 f250 signal lights. arrows in dash are flashing rapidly but i have no signal lights outside of truck and no stop lights is there a flasher $14.99 1 2174d 11h
I have a Chevy Lumina and the driver side blinker light is out $14.99 1 2174d 10h
i have a 1997 buick lesabre v6 automatic transmission it has $14.99 1 2174d 10h
Both tail lights out on 2004 T& C. Replaced rear bulb. Brake and turn signal work . Tail lights do not ...Help ! $9.99 3 2172d 9h
Why did my ac just stop cooling? I had valve covers replaced $25 4 1918d 12h
my ses light comes on after truck reaches normal operating $14.99 1 2171d 12h
Hello. I have a problem with the ABS brake system. My car is $14.99 1 2171d 12h
2005 Honda Pilot Factory Installed Security System Not Activating $14.99 1 2171d 10h
I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna with a electrical powered side-door. $14.99 1 2171d 9h
We are bringing back a 2005 dodge sprinter 2500 van from georgia $24.99 1 2171d 7h
I have a 2002 diesel F-350. Occasionally it wouldn't start: $14.99 1 2170d 7h
4th time engine check light has come on runs rough keeps $14.99 1 2170d 6h
an 03 gmc 5.3 engine 4x4 half ton . problem bad rough idle . $14.99 1 2169d 12h
Hi! I have a 2000 Audi TT Quattro with 119,000 miles on it. $14.99 1 2169d 8h
I have a 2001 Windstar that just had a recall for a part leaking $14.99 1 2169d 6h
I have a 2000 Honda civic LS model. My engine light stays on. $14.99 1 2168d 11h
2006 Toyota Avalon......My radar detector wiring shorted and $14.99 1 2168d 10h
Okay I have a 2009 Kia Rio with about 41000 miles on $14.99 1 2168d 8h
I have a 1996 GMC Suburban diesel 6.5 L that stalls consistently $24.99 1 2167d 10h
having a problem with dash lights working then not working on $14.99 1 2167d 8h
Had a remanufacutured trans installed 01 mdx touring just 2k $9.99 1 2167d 7h
I have a 1995 SC400 (original owner) with 124K miles. One month $24.99 1 2167d 6h
I have a 2002 Kia sedona and I took the battery out so that I $9.99 1 2167d 5h
i've got a 94 dodge dakota that has a loss of problem. it $14.99 1 2167d 2h
jayco 801(2007) pop up jtrak one corner of pop up wont crank $14.99 1 2167d 2h
My brother bought here a jeep liberty 2007 dizel.He is overseas.He $14.99 1 2166d 11h
I have a 1993 Ford Econoline E-350 7.3L (445 cubic inch) diesel, $24.99 1 2166d 11h
I HAVE A 1992 TOYOTA P/U 4WD WITH A 22RE FUEL INJ ENG. THE ENG $9.99 1 2166d 5h
2007 Maxima SL, broken fog light lense - drivers side. How $24.99 1 2165d 12h
I have a 2005 audi a4 cabriolet quattro. I need one of those $24.99 1 2165d 10h
1999 Subaru legacy, engine light on for 2 weeks; less power on road and starting; sometimes, speedometer and odometer stopped working. Ideas? $14.99 1 2165d 9h
I have a 2007 fleetwood expedition class A diesel pusher and $24.99 1 2165d 8h
Got a 2008 IS250, got involved on a light crash, both head $24.99 3 2164d 9h
ck / engine light diag. said mass air flow i clean the senser $24.99 2 2164d 7h
i really need help please , i have my 2002 CLK320 bought 2 $14.99 4 2164d 6h
i overheated my 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit 1.6 ltr. DIESEL pick-up $24.99 5 2164d 5h
88 Jag XJ6 both tail lights stoped working, lights in bumper $14.99 3 2163d 11h
91 subaru L 2.2 efi AC clutch used to cycle on & off constantly $24.99 4 2163d 11h
My 2002 quatrro a6 owners manual and fuse panel diagram disagree $14.99 3 2162d 7h
I bought a 2008 Coachman Freelander new, it has 14,000 miles $14.99 2 2162d 5h
Have a 1997 Honda accord Se coupe. Got a check engine light $14.99 2 2161d 9h
Panic! New used 2001 jag. I put regular unleaded in it. I $9.99 5 2160d 10h
92 4WD Automatic Wagon. Starts great, idles great, warms up $14.99 2 2160d 9h
2007 E-350 super duty 11 passenger, while driving, on freeway $9.99 3 2160d 8h
my 2000 trailblazer all of a sudden the alar goes off everytime $9.99 2 2160d 6h
Hi, I own a 1987 Buick Riviera, and the instrument cluster $14.99 3 2159d 13h
i have 96 grand prix and just put in a ignition switch because $24.99 4 2159d 13h
I have a 1986 HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACK. When I slow down in preparation for stopping at a STOP sign or red light, my engine stalls and dies. $24.99 3 2159d 12h
my 2001 Toyota Celica the headlights wont turn on at night. $14.99 5 2159d 11h
I have a 2003 kia sedona and the other day we started getting $9.99 3 2159d 8h
1995 K2500. AC compressor went bad. Replaced Compressor, Dryer, $14.99 4 2159d 5h
my t4 2.5 tdi 1999 the glow plug light doesnot work and engine $24.99 4 2159d 3h
I have a 1998 Winnebago WCG35P with the Ford chassis. My turn $9.99 4 2159d 50m
I have a 2007 Rendezvous. When driving on freeway...or any $24.99 4 2158d 10h
Hi I have a 2001 Saturn SL2, the check engine light came on $24.99 3 2158d 7h
I have a 1986 toyota landcruiser and the headlights, lighter $24.99 2 2158d 6h
I need to replace the cigarette lighter in my 1994 ES300 Lexus $9.99 3 2157d 13h
2002 Ford Thunderbird - want to install trailer lights. Bought $24.99 5 2157d 7h
hello there i have a 1998 grand prix 3.1 the problem i am $14.99 2 2156d 11h
I have a 2009 CTS that completely locks down the front doors $24.99 3 2156d 10h
My back up light is not turning on in my Nissan 1995 Quest. I $14.99 3 2156d 10h
I have an electrical problems, first the brake light and engine $14.99 5 2156d 9h
my acura RL beeps when i step o the break pedal. the front $24.99 2 2156d 8h
I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty and a few days ago the seat belt $14.99 4 2155d 12h
2004 forester wont communicate with code reader ,engine wont run over 3200 rpm, check engine light on ,cruise light flashing $14.99 2 2155d 8h
have 2002 civic. The a/c compressor will not engage,the dome $24.99 3 2154d 10h
My Acura RDX will not start if it has been out in the rain or $9.99 4 2154d 9h
Hi all the electricals of my lexus rx300 went out while I was $24.99 2 2154d 8h
I have 96 cherokee, 4.0 inline 6, automatic trans, with just $24.99 2 2154d 7h
I just purchased a 1998 Izuzu Rodeo and have several questions. $9.99 3 2154d 7h
I have a 95 Dodge Ram1500 2wd. the low beam lights will not $14.99 5 2154d 5h
My 1994 Mecedes benz ls500 i have put in a new battier. The light are doom. $14.99 3 2153d 12h
In a 2004 VW Beetle on the dash board a yellow circle light with little dashes on it comes on now an again. What does this mean? $24.99 4 2153d 11h
I have an Audi A8 2002 4.2 and have an issue with the oil level $9.99 5 2153d 11h
The speedometer goes erratic the transmission starts shifting $9.99 2 2153d 6h
First my windshield wipers 5 percent of the time during use $9.99 5 2153d 5h
Got a 96 toyota camry, with a 2.2 liter motor. It came to me $24.99 2 2152d 10h
I have 2001 Ram1500 4X4 , I have a Flashing ABS light with no $24.99 2 2152d 7h
i just bought a 95 golf 3 and the front bumper blinker light $9.99 5 2151d 10h
2000 Jaguar Vanden Plas that has several trouble lights, your answer said $24.99 3 2151d 9h
having an electrical problem. jeep has plenty of juice - full $14.99 4 2151d 7h
1999 Chrysler Sebring Conv. ABS light is on and has shut down $24.99 2 2151d 6h
I have a 2000 Lesabre. The other day, I lost all power to every $9.99 5 2150d 12h
1999 grand am engine runs rough sometimes some times runs $14.99 2 2150d 12h
speedometer stops working traction control and abs warning light comes on $25 2 1918d 13h
I have a light on the dash of my car that looks like an engine can you tell me what that means? $14.99 4 2148d 5h
My 2006 f150 has the abs light on. How do i reset it? $14.99 3 2147d 10h
we have a 94 lincoln continental executive series the engine $14.99 3 2146d 11h
I have a GMC Sonoma pickup and it will not go into 2 wheel $9.99 5 2146d 11h
The check engine light is flashing on my car. What does this mean? $9.99 4 2145d 12h
My car has the brakes light and abs light both on. What does this mean? $24.99 4 2145d 11h
94 pontiac grand am abs light is on all the time. code says $14.99 5 2143d 12h
I have a `99 New Beetle. My water light turns red as soon as $14.99 5 2142d 12h
I have got a 91 subaru legacy and the parking lights wont go off unless i pull the fuse $14.99 4 2142d 11h
check engine light on 2000 ford taurus? $9.99 5 2142d 9h
2006 hhr the power steering light comes on and the car is hard $9.99 4 2142d 8h
my abs light, traction icon, and service engine light are lit in my dashboard....what do i do $24.99 4 2141d 9h
mis fire on 3rd cyclinder of a 2005 Subaru Legacy with aprox. $9.99 2 2138d 10h
i got a 1994 dodge fourwheeldrive and when i put it in four hi and low my front doesn`t kick inn and the light inside the cab dont show up $9.99 5 2137d 11h
My 2008 Lexus radio lights up but I get no sound $14.99 2 2136d 12h
I have a 2001 chevy blazer im having trouble with the daytime $14.99 4 2134d 6h
Can't get the brake pad wear indicator light to go off $14.99 4 2133d 8h
the turn lights are off,is a fuse?,what can i do? $9.99 3 2133d 5h
where is the dash light rheostat control on a 1977 Mercedes 450SL. $24.99 5 2133d 4h
2008 jetta, 40K miles, I was driving with the cruise on at $9.99 2 2132d 11h
When I apply my brakes, I hear a schlossing noise like fluid moving back and forth, as well as a slight squeal. $25 2 1920d 8h
headlights won't work only on highbeam. Firestone said lamps and fuses were good $25 1 1920d 7h
2001 RX300 4WD. VSC and Check Engine light came on @ same time. Any Ideas as to problem. $14.99 5 2128d 9h
How do I turn off the brake light on my 2007 Outlook $14.99 2 2127d 11h
Why won`t my car start? I pulled out of driveway and put the car in gear to go forward and my engine light flashed and the car died $24.99 2 2127d 9h
I have a 71 vw super bettle, having trouble switching head $24.99 4 2127d 6h
How do change the left brake light on a 2005 Jeep liberty $9.99 3 2126d 11h
i have a 1991 camaro that when turned on idles perfect but $14.99 3 2126d 9h
removed steering on 2003 audi now i cannot get air bag light off got any help on how to reset the air bag light $9.99 5 2126d 6h
I ran out of gas in my 2003 525. Now it is running rough and the check engine light is on. What might be wrong with the car? $9.99 2 2125d 8h
I have an 05 envoy. I get a hot burning smell under moderate $14.99 3 2123d 10h
my trac light has came on a few times in my 2001 pontiac sunfire $14.99 2 2123d 9h
what would cause 98 olds aurora parking lights to come on when $24.99 5 2122d 11h
2004 Ram 1 ton 5.9 Cummins diesel. Standard trans. Engine light $9.99 3 2122d 9h
I have a Nissan Exterra 2001 v6 33de. Check engine light came on I have code po340, po464. What does this mean? $24.99 4 2122d 7h
I have a 2001 SAAB nine five that randomly won`t start. The lights, radio, ac, all come on and it says $9.99 2 2120d 11h
gages not working brake light on ase light on traction light on air will not work? $9.99 4 2120d 10h
I have a Nissan Altima 1997 and the brake light has come on. Where do i put the brake fluid $9.99 5 2120d 8h
I heed to replace a headlight clip in a 2005 Aztek. It seems simple by the description, however I am not sue without a picture. Can you help me? $9.99 4 2119d 8h
I have a 2006 PT cruiser that is apparently experiencing $9.99 3 2118d 11h
gages not working brake light on ase light on traction light on air will not work? $9.99 4 2118d 9h
How much does my tranny & torque converter weigh? I need to $9.99 2 2118d 9h
the gauges will not come on when the van is running the abs light comes on and service engine light come on $9.99 2 2118d 4h
I have a 1994 jeep wrangler and the engine turns over but wont $14.99 3 2115d 10h
I have a 2007 Pontiac G5 GT. A while ago, we changed the air $14.99 5 2115d 8h
i have a 1990 toyota celica it wont turn on because security light keeps blinking, how do i fix this? $9.99 2 2114d 12h
Having an electric problem ...fuse keeps blowing that powers the windows and inside light in the car $24.99 2 2114d 10h
Battery charge runs down really low when I run my running $9.99 3 2114d 8h
car will not start and nothing works, like light or stereo $14.99 2 2113d 10h
I just got a transmission fluid change and when i stop at a $14.99 4 2112d 10h
what would cause parking lights to come on when car is off or running for a few minutes if you dont unhook battery it runs the battery dead $24.99 4 2112d 7h
2000 BMW 323I-Check engine light.Replaced all the intake $24.99 3 2112d 6h
i have a 1997 toyota 4runner and the door ajar lights stay on $24.99 4 2111d 7h
Re: 2005 Toyota RAV4 - 4 Cyl. Engine light/vsc trac light on. $24.99 2 2111d 2h
1994 subaru loyale wagon hesitates or bogs upon accelerating. $9.99 4 2110d 23h
2009 Forester coolant light came on, but it is Saturday and $9.99 3 2110d 23h
why does the park lights stay on when I shut off my car $24.99 5 2110d 12h
why does my car stop when either stopped at a light or driving $24.99 2 2110d 12h
will having your speedometer cable unpluged make your check engine light come on? $14.99 3 2110d 12h
esp light on audi tt staying permanently, how to correct fault $9.99 1 2110d 32m
how to replace low beam headlight $14.99 5 2110d 3h
starter will not enguage- just hear a click when trying to start- battery is new and fully charged. battery light stays on $14.99 4 2109d 11h
Within the past week my dome lights stays on unless the over ride button is pressed in and the alarm goes off randomly. $14.99 5 2109d 8h
My Service Vehicle soon light, Trac Off light, and Anti Lock $9.99 3 2109d 7h
service engine soon light comes on sporadically and some times stays on. $14.99 4 2108d 13h
why does my car stop while i was driving? 152, 338. it happen $14.99 3 2108d 8h
My Cigarette lighter does not work? $9.99 5 2108d 6h
Turning the wheel hard LFT produces a slight rubbing sound,check $14.99 5 2107d 12h
speedometer stopped working odometer still works car has 150000 miles have an ABS light on and a check engine light code reader indicates rear sensor $9.99 2 2107d 9h
Engine starts, runs 5-10 seconds then dies before idling. Dies $14.99 3 2107d 8h
how to remove headlight assembly $9.99 4 2107d 5h
no turn signals or flasher lights I need to know where the unit is and what it looks like $14.99 4 2106d 10h
How can I fix lights from flickering when car is on. When car $9.99 2 2106d 9h
radio stays on after car is turned off My alternator recently $24.99 2 2105d 12h
car is smoking when engine starts (engine light comes on). repairman said it needs a snout. What is a snout? $24.99 5 2104d 10h
oil light come on after drive the car for about 20 miles when $24.99 4 2104d 9h
my brake lights stopped working, so i replaced the brake light switch and still have no lights, what can i do? $24.99 3 2104d 7h
My 2003 Grand Jeep Charokee lights will go on and off in the middle of the night, and is draining the battery. Any suggestions? $9.99 3 2104d 6h
My 2005 Chrysler town and country would not crank up. Happened $9.99 4 2104d 4h
I am looking for used or aftermarket headlight assemblies for my 89 Nissan Sentra 2 Door Coupe. $14.99 4 2103d 11h
interior lights and moon roof do not work $24.99 5 2103d 11h
check engine light shows a code that a solanoid in the transmission is stuck open how can this problem be fixed? $24.99 5 2102d 7h
acura TL 03 driver's side xenon headlight low beam blinks.when switch on then shuts off. tried another xenon headlight $24.99 3 2101d 11h
I recently purchased, from a dealer, a Dodge Grand Caravan $9.99 5 2101d 9h
When replacing the high mount brake light, am I replacing the whole light or just the bulb inside? $14.99 4 2101d 6h
2002 Cadillac Deville 135,000 miles. Stalls about once a week when warming up ( not hot, not cold) at stop lights. $9.99 4 2100d 7h
I have a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country Touring with a 3.3l and I have an ABS light and the trak off display. How do I troubleshoot this problem. $9.99 8 2100d 6h
how to remove front passenger side signal light assembly $24.99 2 2099d 12h
Driverside headlight is out at first it would turn on and off $9.99 3 2099d 11h
Now, I finished Engine work, but Still Engine light went on. What is the reason for Engine light went on? $14.99 4 2099d 11h
the led light on the convertible switch is blinking red and my top won't let down. Is the switch bad? $24.99 2 2099d 7h
p0171-p0174 on reader says lean burn bank1-bank2 whats must likely cause check engine light on $14.99 3 2098d 11h
When i put switch in left or right turn position, only rear $24.99 5 2098d 6h
Brown Radio Wire melted and was causing fuses for my tailights $9.99 2 2098d 6h
My 1994 dodge dakota headlights just stopped working suddenly. $9.99 9 2097d 6h
Glow plug light is on in the dashboard. All plugs seemed to $14.99 3 2097d 6h
Have a ABS lights and AWD as well come on. $24.99 4 2094d 11h
what causes car to run rough and die when u stopped at red light ? $14.99 4 2094d 7h
2001 jeep grand Cherokee with auto climate control. I just $9.99 6 2093d 12h
Multiple waring lights illuminated, oil, battery, AB, check engine,etc. WHY? All can't fail together $9.99 5 2093d 11h
car was hit in rear wear can i get a back taillight at rear light is damage on the right side $14.99 5 2091d 11h
engine check light on code P1140 and P0171 when i got smog check and it failed on the smog check $24.99 4 2091d 8h
my check engine light stays on.code po672 $14.99 2 2091d 7h
how do I replace the speedometer light bulb $9.99 4 2091d 5h
How do you replace pass. side headlight assembly? $9.99 3 2090d 12h
why does the engine flood when the check engine light comes on? $14.99 3 2088d 5h
how do i turn off my indicator lights $24.99 2 2087d 8h
stability system light is on $24.99 2 2084d 12h
left front/light grinding noise that increases with speed $9.99 3 2084d 11h
DASH OIL LIGHT FLICKERS. $14.99 2 2081d 8h
the fog light housing is good fuse good bulbs replaced no power to lights nor the switch do the fog light have a relay if so where is it located $24.99 2 2081d 6h
How do you change headlight $9.99 3 2080d 11h
why does my veh. always need to have coolant added ? veh. check engine lght comes on - I add coolant and in a couple of days light is back on. $24.99 3 2079d 11h
my check engine light is on and says very small leak, whats is wrong? $9.99 5 2079d 5h
Part name for plastic piece that hangs from front bumper and holds fog lights $9.99 4 2078d 10h
The car will buck when trying to shift It only happens at $24.99 2 2078d 8h
when I hit the keyless entry button to lock or un lock my car on the passenger side light does not light up what is wrong $14.99 3 2078d 5h
car will not start. if left alone for an hour it may or not $9.99 4 2077d 6h
what part is going out when your driving and the whole vehicle $14.99 2 2076d 7h
My vehicle is running very very slow on the highway and inclines. Service engine light. $14.99 5 2076d 5h
shift light comes on than car stays in second gear,when light is off shifts fine $9.99 2 2073d 7h
my car shakes at stops and as i accelarate what can the problem $14.99 5 2070d 10h
how do i know if front wheel bearings need to be replaced there is no noise but i do feel slight vibration in steering $14.99 4 2070d 8h
Headlights won't dim I can hear a relay pick up under the dash when I try to dim them. High beams work fine and turn off ok, running lights ok. $24.99 5 2070d 8h
what do i check for if i have new battery and my car does not start dash lights turn on but it wont start $9.99 4 2069d 10h
Why would my car shake while idling and driving?? 200,000 $14.99 4 2069d 7h
car cranks normally but no start My wife drove car on hway $24.99 3 2069d 6h
trac light is on how do i turn it off $24.99 2 2067d 10h
why does my car hesitate when i step on the gas no warning light the fuel pressure regulator was change 4 weeks ago at 150,000 km service $14.99 3 2067d 6h
check eng. light does not light how can i fix it $9.99 2 2065d 10h
truck stalls when i turn on lights or hit the brake truck $14.99 5 2065d 7h
84 grand marquise dies after a mile or two.acts like dead battery but not.lights turn off and on after a mile or two. $14.99 4 2065d 5h
How do I change a headlight $14.99 2 2064d 9h
no power when pressing accelerator when i give it gas, there $9.99 2 2064d 8h
Service Engine Soon light came on. An portable reader determined $14.99 2 2064d 5h
My instrument panel lights come on and go off by itself. When interior lights go off. exterior lights do remain on. $9.99 3 2063d 9h
why do the signal and brake lights stay on after car is off? $24.99 3 2062d 10h
what color is power to the taillights and what color goes to taillights and brakes $14.99 3 2062d 5h
Can you help with an electrical problem? My problem started $24.99 4 2062d 5h
Both of the rear break lights will not come on. Replaces both bulbs, fuese look good. Any ideas? $9.99 5 2062d 5h
what kind is the Sensor for automatic healights level adjustment? $9.99 3 2061d 9h
turn the key and no dash lights come on but the battery reads $14.99 3 2061d 4h
My exterior cab lights won't come on any more what could be the possible problems $24.99 5 2060d 6h
Engine check light on, computer says it is not connected to $24.99 4 2059d 10h
why won't my panel lights come on When driving for a while the panel lights will come but after flickering for a while $14.99 4 2059d 6h
why does my car hesitate to change gear to four or five $14.99 3 2057d 20h
Third Brake light install How do I replace the third brake $14.99 2 2057d 9h
car can't climb loses power, rpm high( 4) when I excel, Car $24.99 3 2057d 8h
After replacing the mass air flow sensor, the check engine $9.99 4 2057d 8h
why does my car have a miss in it? when I put my car in reverse $14.99 5 2057d 8h
why wont car start when i turn key? battery seems fine. car $14.99 4 2057d 6h
1995 Mercury Tracer Trio Plus battery light is on, bought new battery & new alternator and it still keeps dying. What should I be looking for now? $14.99 15 2056d 19h
service engine light is on Scan it Troubles code 1481 and 128 comes up $14.99 5 2056d 5h
my head light is out on low beam and it's not the bulb $24.99 4 2055d 8h
my BMW x5 4.4i stops reading the gas level and the gas light indicator still on even before I refuel the tank $9.99 5 2054d 4h
What is wrong when the diagnostic meter indicates P0700 Trans $24.99 5 2054d 3h
My check engine light came on only after te beep followed by $9.99 2 2054d 3h
service engine light on after starter did not start on time $14.99 5 2053d 6h
why do all my dashboard warning indicator lights on when turning the key all lights stay on and the car does not start $9.99 4 2052d 6h
my back breaks lights are completely out, when I step on the $9.99 2 2051d 8h
My Dodge will only stay in 3rd gear. If I stop at a light and put it in 2nd it will then go thru all the gears. $14.99 3 2051d 7h
Taillight top one does not work but blinker does and its the same bulb, I've check the bulb it is good. $25 3 1920d 11h
What are the potential causes of a slight shmmy that begins $14.99 2 2050d 5h
The dashboard light says Tran fail safety program. what does this mean $24.99 3 2049d 10h
How to Reset the SRS light $14.99 5 2049d 9h
the high center brake light barely comes on when brake activated $24.99 2 2049d 8h
replaced alternator but idiot light still on $24.99 3 2049d 5h
heater vent peressure the heater motor is working on all $9.99 4 2049d 4h
no power no start no dome lights $24.99 3 2048d 10m
What would make the VDC & ABS light stay on all of the $9.99 2 2047d 3h
My headlights lens has a film on the outside. home remedies has not worked or could it be discoloration.suggestion? $9.99 3 2047d 1h
rough idle and exhaust (gas) smell at start up I have 70,000 $14.99 4 2046d 10h
Recently Changed Fuel Pump But Car Still Wont Start. The Check $9.99 2 2046d 10h
hear a whine during excelleration, in Drive the indicator light blinks, shift to other gear D light continues to blink. $14.99 3 2046d 9h
how do i hook up the ccfl headlights to a 2009 dodge charger $9.99 1 2046d 4h
Have Acura 3.2TL 2001. Battery gone dead after my wife left $9.99 2 2045d 7h
how to reset oil change light $9.99 4 2044d 10h
Rear defroster, dome light and auto locks aren't working $14.99 5 2044d 10h
Low battery light came on while driving when i stopped I shut car off and now it will not start? $9.99 24 2042d 9h
ive lost turn signals, hazard lights, dash lights, and tail lights......headlamps still work, and brake lights still work... $9.99 5 2042d 8h
signal and brake lights dont work $9.99 4 2042d 6h
2001 Buick LaSabre 3.8L will not run at an idle. Check Engine $9.99 2 2041d 10h
My check engine light came on and then I noticed the fan was $9.99 2 2041d 5h
engine idle, stalls when in drive while waiting at trffic light runs fine only after sitting for a couple of minutes $9.99 5 2039d 11h
engine light on as soon i step on the brake to shift gear but turns off when i sut down ignition and come back on again also the SRS light on $9.99 3 2039d 11h
why do my interior lights stay on also the power mirrors,locks and upper information panel stop working $9.99 3 2038d 10h
how do you change headlights $9.99 2 2038d 10h
I have check engine light on with codes and the car will stall often restarting sometimes sometimes not for awhile $24.99 4 2038d 8h
Got code P0420 on check engine light From Eric via Facebook $9.99 5 2038d 8h
Why does my car hesitate when I step on the gas? Also, why do my combination tail brake lights do not work? Bulbs good $9.99 4 2037d 9h
how to change the braake booster yes all the time on the brakes yes the check engine light is on $24.99 2 2037d 7h
My a/c is blowing warm air and fan works on car but not coming $24.99 5 2037d 5h
code p0030 up stream o2 sensor changed sensor , light came back on checked code same code ,what could be wrong . $24.99 4 2036d 10h
abs light is on and wont go off and i have had my brakes checked out and they are all good and a new control module $9.99 3 2036d 7h
Why do dashlights and headlights go off 10 seconds after starting vehicle? $9.99 2 2036d 4h
The dashboard indicator for the left directional light blinks $24.99 3 2035d 9h
hello again, had my check engine light come on and when i pulled the code it was p0605 something with the ecm i think $14.99 4 2035d 6h
How do I get a diagnose code? Check engine light is on $24.99 3 2034d 10h
Will not start. What should be checked? TURNING IGN. SWT. $14.99 3 2033d 10h
Tail lights stay on after shutdown and drains battery! $24.99 4 2033d 10h
Transmission will not go into reverse he transmissions has $9.99 5 2033d 9h
My oil light lights when engine becomes hot. I have changed $14.99 2 2032d 11h
when brake pedal is pushed all interior lights goes off every time in addition to not having any brake lights $14.99 5 2032d 10h
Transmission wont engaged I tried to jump start battery dead, $40 2 2030d 8h
Car is giving trouble starting ,battery is strong ,car has a $25 2 2030d 6h
Replace passenger side Brake Light? How do I get into the bulb(what area do I go thru to get to it)? $15 3 2029d 11h
Dome lights wont go off. Can you send me a wiring diagram of this circuit? $10 1 2029d 8h
SRS light is on all the time $40 4 2029d 2h
battery light on. Do you have a diagram of this circuit? $10 1 2028d 10h
location of fog lights fuse $10 1 2028d 8h
Vehicle's check engine is on, Tractsion Control Light comes $40 2 2025d 9h
My brake light is on even after I got them replaced what else can it be. $25 5 2025d 7h
How do i engage the 4 wheel drive in my jeep. I cant get it to kick in. The 4x4 lights wont even come on $15 5 2024d 5h
Car will not start after warmed without pushing on gas petal $40 5 2024d 4h
Need a wiring diagram for the rear light $10 1 2023d 10h
brake light out, How do I replaced bulb $15 4 2023d 5h
Need help, what wires do i splice LED cupholder lights to? need to be able to make them dim with dimmer switch $40 2 2022d 9h
what would cause a rubbing or slight grinding noise to come $25 4 2022d 9h
van has hard time starting once engine is warmed up and you $40 5 2022d 8h
Car stalls about once a week at stop lights and when warming up $40 5 2021d 11h
Remote start quit working I bought my car used last Feburary $25 5 2021d 9h
how do I re-set the maintenance lights, after the oil & filter change? $25 5 2021d 6h
Does anyone knows how to fix the light on dashboard says master light switch?? the light turns on as soon i step on the brake pedal to shift gear. $40 3 2021d 5h
when applying brakes at 3 to 5 mph brakes pulsate and abs pump $25 2 2020d 7h
what tools do i need to remove the tail light/lense assembly for a 89' corrolla gts coupe? $15 2 2018d 8h
Check engine light has been on for past month due to a vacuum leak but i dont know where the leak is. $25 4 2018d 7h
Why is fuel gauge is reading empty with fuel in it. Check $25 5 2018d 7h
car reaches operating temp it won't accelerate just bogs down $40 4 2017d 11h
code po440 light come back every other week new fule cap not $40 4 2016d 6h
the stero lights will not light up. The gear shifter is the same way. Is there a FUSE or something to get the lights to work? $25 4 2016d 4h
hi my BMW 318I E46 2003 I have no center lock work no interor lights work no aoto windows work $25 2 2015d 11h
How to remove the headlight clear glass cover on XK8? $15 3 2015d 8h
why is my truck make ticking noise? 125,000 miles. Makes a $25 3 2015d 6h
what does it mean when a light above the ,check engine light $25 4 2014d 7h
I have multiple codes but todays code is P0300. Please help I $25 4 2014d 5h
ASR light comes on during idle $25 5 2012d 9h
Is there a way to just lock the dipping headlight in the up position? My $25 4 2012d 5h
My truck is a diesel, don't know if that makes a difference $25 5 2012d 1h
I have no running lights, no illuminated dash lights The $25 4 2010d 6h
dashlights do not work.! do the 194 lightbulbs in the dash $10 1 2010d 5h
Battery cables were connected wrong and my car wont start alone with light not functioning! $25 2 2009d 11h
why is the computer gives me temperature switch is faulty even $25 5 2009d 7h
difficult steering after new steering rack installation car $40 3 2008d 12h
dashlights when you cut the headlights on the dash lights want come on and the radio and heater lights go off $25 3 2008d 12h
What is wrong when the power window on passenger side front stops working? 74,000 mileage. No lights on, just window won't roll back up. $25 2 2008d 7h
the alternator went out so we changed it and about 5 minutes $25 2 2006d 10h
replaced throttle body due to bad sensor on 2006 hhr. I`m $25 4 2006d 9h
The heater shuts off by itself and sometimes restarts by itself. $25 5 2006d 3h
Gauge cluster lighting doesn't work. All gauges, etc work - but no lighting $25 2 2003d 11h
How to re-set the oil service light? $15 1 2003d 8h
The first time the check engine light came on I was at approx $15 2 2002d 12h
when my jeep is cold and i start it my overdrive light is suppose to go off but it stays on when it does starts in 3rd $25 4 2002d 9h
What causes the headlights to go off and on? $25 5 2002d 8h
my trans slips and loses fluid from the output shaft seal Seal has been replaced and axle is very loose no check engine light but what do I fix? $15 2 2001d 11h
interior lights no long come on when I open any door $25 3 2001d 11h
how do you change light bulbs on the AC dash control buttons $15 2 2001d 9h
I have no center lock work no interor lights work no aoto windows work $25 2 2000d 11h
how do I reset airbag light, so it goes off $25 2 2000d 9h
How to remove the headlight clear glass cover $15 1 2000d 9h
How do I replace a headlight bulb? $15 3 2000d 8h
How To Replace The Low Beam Headlight $15 4 1999d 9h
How do I replace the halogen headlight bulbs $15 3 1997d 10h
license plate light not working, how do I replace it? $15 2 1996d 12h
Brake indicator light is on. $25 1 1996d 7h
How do I replace the halogen headlight bulbs $15 2 1995d 11h
why do i hear a high pitch squealing when i turn on the lights and sometimes when i turn on the heat. $25 4 1995d 11h
oil pressure light goes out when key is on motor not running why? $25 3 1993d 11h
How do I replace the halogen headlight bulbs $15 2 1993d 10h
oil light coming on at idle $25 4 1992d 10h
check engine light come on when i turn the key but it will not start $25 3 1992d 9h
Air bag light on $25 2 1992d 6h
abs,brake,an check engine light stays on? $25 2 1960d 8h
Check engine light comes on it reads O2 sensor. Both O2 sensors were replaced $25 5 1990d 9h
Check engine light is on. How do I shut it off? $25 2 1990d 8h
ses, antilock and traction control lights are on in the dash? $25 2 1990d 4h
My srs light is on. What is the problem? $25 5 1989d 9h
how do i install a tail light $15 2 1988d 11h
my left rear light assembly is out(short) how can i fix this problem. i've changed all bulbs in the assembly, and, it's still out? $25 5 1988d 9h
What to do about a defective module The van starts to slow $25 2 1987d 8h
bulb replaced on the driver side headlight and will not work on low beam. $25 4 1985d 7h
fuel injectors not opening when engine cranks good fuel $25 2 1985d 6h
How to replace a tail light assembly? $15 2 1981d 7h
Low fuel light on but have a full tank of gas? $25 3 1980d 10h
rear lights not working $25 6 1980d 8h
What causes the check engine light to come on? $40 2 1979d 8h
Check engine light is on and the vehicle is running rough $25 2 1978d 7h
The battery and abs light are on and the tach no longer works $25 3 1975d 10h
The brake lights are not working $40 2 1975d 6h
The engine symbol light comes one once in awhile. Everything under the hood seems to be OK. How do I get this light off? $25 2 1974d 11h
I have a 2008 Dodge Charger 3.5L High Output and the malfunction indicator light(ESP/BAS) is coming on at every turn. $25 3 1973d 9h
My O/D OFF light started blinking constantly. I tried pressing the O/D button but it would not stop. $40 2 1973d 8h
the airbag light is on and flashing a 19 what does that mean $25 3 1971d 7h
why does my left head light flicker .i tried a new light bulb ,does the same thing $25 2 1968d 10h
Even though the lights are different, will the fenders from a 2006 Dodge Ram, 3500 SLT interchange with a 2005? $10 1 1968d 8h
I just installed an aftermarket cd player in my 05' ram 2500. $10 1 1967d 4h
when car is started no light codes on dash are on. but when i put the car into reverse the head lights flash $25 4 1966d 9h
Change break pads light comes on Pads are not worn down and all wheel sensors are intact $25 2 1966d 8h
99 crysler concord LXI atc auto temp control . all funtion work.butlight will not come on soi can`tsee what funtion i am in $10 2 1966d 4h
my air bag light is ON ,and some time the seat belt light stays on do I fix this problem? $25 2 1964d 11h
with parklights on, apply brake, taillights go out $25 2 1964d 5h
I need to replace catalytic converter cause check engine light is on. How do I do this? $15 1 1961d 6h
Driving at 65 mph on freeway, sudden loss of power. Pulled off $25 2 1960d 6h
there no check engine light , have reset computer, changed $25 2 1959d 12h
Had a blown head gasket and warped heads. When I got it back $25 4 1959d 10h
No engine warning lights are on, it's been tuned, has a new $25 2 1959d 6h
battery light and brake light on the dash turns on and off while car is running. battery post are clean and the car starts and runs fine. $25 2 1957d 12h
My day time running lights don't come on. Any ideas? $25 4 1957d 7h
i have a 2002 chrysler sebring with a 2.7 motor. the fuel, $10 1 1954d 10h
when i step on the brakes the rear right tail/stop light goes out completely i changed the bulb and still doesn't work $15 1 1954d 6h
abs liight is on t/c light comes on changed speed sensor thinhin maybe abs module is out $25 4 1953d 9h
my oil pressure light has come on after the car made a noise which sounded as if a belt was slipping. $25 2 1952d 10h
After having the clutch replaced by a mechanic my Airbag waning light is on. Also the $25 2 1951d 11h
after they jacked my car to change tire my car starting dying $25 1 1951d 9h
check engine light one code e448 i replaced egr valve car ran better but light still came back on? $25 2 1950d 8h
why does my drive 4 light flash and my speedometer don't work half the time $25 4 1950d 5h
My check engine light is on and got it checked at Autozone. $25 3 1948d 11h
Sensor Heater circuit malfunction Bank 2 Sensor 1 - What part(s) do I need to fix this problem? Engine light was on. $15 2 1948d 6h
changed my spark plugs also my motor mounts. As I said the $25 3 1947d 10h
Why are my lights dim after checking my alternator,which is fine,bought a new battery, and changed headlights. $40 2 1947d 9h
my check engine light is on auto parts store show catalytic converter. will i need the whole system or one that you cut $25 2 1947d 8h
headlight housing the same as 2002,3,5 $15 1 1922d 11h
I've had my car for 3 years now and just recently it has been $25 2 1945d 8h
dear sr my track control light comes on and when its on my transmission starts shifting heavy. $40 1 1945d 6h
How do you adjust the headlights? Driver side is to high & pass. side is low $25 1 1942d 9h
Trying to replace cigar lighter receptical $15 2 1941d 3h
reset for change oil light after getting this car it was on $15 1 1940d 10h
Battery drains over night. I removed neg. batt. cable, used $25 3 1940d 7h
What maybe the cause of my vehicle dying at a stop light or when making turns? $40 1 1939d 7h
veh turn over but will not start,change,starter,alternator $40 4 1939d 4h
Last Monday i finished bodywork on my car after an accident . $25 2 1938d 11h
Check engine light is on. Spitting up DTC25 (continuously lean). What is likely to be my problem? $40 1 1937d 10h
Truck engine surges about 200 rpm while steady driving. No engine light on. $25 4 1937d 9h
THe ABS light and Antisway control light and Traction light keeps coming on but brakes are fine. What could the problem be? $25 3 1936d 9h
why does my brake lights stay on in gear $25 2 1935d 10h
Winshield wiper fuse always blows when the in reverse.Rear light wirings & bulbs are OK, wiper motor is OK $25 3 1934d 7h
It appears that the shiv for the water pump is bent (bottom $25 1 1932d 8h
Leaks oil but it is not visible and it's smell like oil is burning when it's running and the oil light comes on and off $40 2 1932d 5h
My check engine light is on. I pulled the codes by counting the flashes 2-7 what is this code $25 2 1931d 12h
checked all fuses and relays, power + cable is hot (meaning $25 1 1929d 6h
how to know if the lcm is not working? the scanner don't give $25 4 1927d 8h
cruise control. dash switch lights, but cruise lite doesnot come on. $25 2 1927d 8h
warning light low coolant is always on. Radiator has been changed also new water pump installed. Over 100,000 miles on vehicle. $25 4 1926d 7h
Multiple waring lights illuminated, oil, battery, AB, check engine,etc. WHY? All can't fail together $40 2 1924d 10h
Check engine light came on and I checked codes. P0137, P0138, P0157, P2503 came up. What now? $25 1 1924d 5h
abs/brake light is on $25 1 1917d 12h
just replaced the battery and alternator on my 1996 grand am se and now the battery charge light is coming on. $25 3 1917d 8h
when i try starting the car even if its warm or cool it has $25 2 1915d 12h
Why does my car lock and unlock the doors and the door open light come on when I am driving down the road? $40 1 1915d 9h
how to install fog light $15 1 1913d 10h
It starts with resistance, chugs and hesitates when in gear, lights flicker-headlights and internal dash panel. $25 2 1912d 13h
My service engine light is on , it stays steady at idle , and then flashes when moving. Engine is running rough $25 3 1912d 12h
It says to check my left brake light and occasionally oil, but both are completely fine. Is it just a faulty computer ? $25 2 1912d 11h
My brake lights quit working, then the trunk release and now the headlights have to be manually turned on. $25 2 1911d 11h
When accelerating at a stop sign or light, car hesitates to $25 2 1911d 10h
service engine soon light came on what could be wrong with the car $25 1 1911d 8h
When I try and start my truck nothing happens I get full lights on dash board and gages work. $25 3 1910d 12h
my car wants to turn over,but it takes a few tries before it starts,and sometimes the check engine light goes on and off $40 1 1909d 8h
The cadillac keeps cutting off after being driven about 2 $25 3 1909d 6h
A number of warning lights come on when the car is started stay on as long as the car is running $25 2 1908d 9h
Had OBD checked by a auto parts store the fault code that was $20 2 1906d 12h
when i push on the brake pedal there is a slight clunk/ or bump feeling about halfway down $20 3 1906d 10h
I looked in my manual and it said your car may have HID. Ok, $20 1 1905d 11h
replaced 02 sensor sill have the code p0030 after i install it clear the codes light still came on $40 1 1905d 11h
How to reset brake pad light? $15 1 1904d 12h
MY ABS light is on and the speedometer has ceased functioning. I have checked all fuses $20 4 1902d 9h
will the tail lights of a 2003 acura cl . fit a 2001 acura cl $20 1 1901d 7h
where is my reverse light switch located $10 1 1899d 12h
info screen under speedo blank and light green,[milage,trip,econ] oil preas. and tuel guage inop. at same time I think. $20 3 1896d 11h
how to replace a driver side parking light $15 1 1896d 8h
My car sounds loud and the traction light blinks off and on $20 2 1895d 11h
I am noticing more often that my interior lights will go from $20 1 1894d 10h
My van will start and run shortly. i have no engine light. i $20 2 1894d 7h
problem began shortly after installing new battery. engine $20 3 1892d 12h
engine code p0411 engine light stays on all of the time $20 4 1892d 10h
TCS light comes on by its self what is the tcs $20 2 1892d 7h
Why does the interior lights stay on all the time $40 1 1890d 10h
security light and engine light on. car needs cluster. separate problems or related to cluster? $20 2 1890d 10h
My car did not want to start this morning. I just replaced $20 3 1889d 11h
Why does the car shake at stop lights and while idling but ride smoothly while driving? $20 4 1889d 10h
abs, dsc,brake light all on, speedometer & mpg not working, cruse control works $20 3 1889d 9h
already replaced front struts shocks.breaks feel bad also i $20 2 1889d 8h
Valves clicking and loss of power when engine warms up 236,00 $20 2 1887d 11h
egr valve replaced 2X Computer indicates still not OK (service $20 2 1886d 12h
car starts everytime in the morning and at night. Lately it $20 1 1886d 11h
Hello, my VSA light stays on all the time it seems that it is not even working what can i do $40 1 1886d 10h
Engine will not start.Dash lights dim when trying to start but nothing happens $20 1 1885d 12h
why is my srs warning light ont when i am driving $20 2 1885d 7h
door open light goes on when door is closed and off when door is open, when key is off. light works normal when key is on $20 2 1884d 11h
asr light is on and decrease speed when my jetta asr light is on the car gets slow $20 2 1883d 12h
check engine light on,cruise light flashing $20 2 1878d 13h
While driving dash lights flashing guages go up and down car slows and shuts off. Put into park starts right up again $40 1 1878d 13h
lights and radio works but it won't turn over when trying to start $20 5 1878d 13h
My truck starts okay, but when I step on the gas pedal it $20 4 1878d 12h
amber light to indicate ac in on, blinks after pushing fan control knob button. ac eventually comes on after 10-15 min $20 2 1878d 12h
Car shuts off and Gage light comes on. After stop, restart the car agin and run. What could be the problem $20 2 1878d 11h
When I come to a stop, my car seems to down shift into 1st $20 3 1877d 13h
abs lights with skid controll are on is this a safty hazard $20 4 1877d 12h
My oil pressure gauge fluctuates and goes to 0 when stopped at light then returns when i accelerate $20 5 1876d 12h
hello my car has ack. engine light on obd code po340 we changed both cam sensor light comes back on $20 3 1873d 13h
The timing belt broke while going 65 mph, it wraped around $20 3 1869d 12h
I hear a squeaking or squealing when my truck is ideling from $20 3 1867d 13h
Car broke down with a knocking noise in left cylinder head. $20 2 1866d 13h
My Jeep is a automatic 4x2 and whenever I change gears with $20 2 1863d 13h
Yesterday I tried to start the van but the engine turned over $20 3 1863d 13h
The Check Engine Light is on and I read these codes: 300, 301, 302, 303, PO136 B1S1. Also my car hesitates when I step on the gas $20 3 1862d 13h
when the engine idles down the check enginlight comes on. then the engin will fast idle $20 4 1862d 12h
My car won't turn over after cutting out on a flooded road. I $20 3 1861d 13h
I have a masseage inside the dash light that states Boot open, is this a sensor and if so what type and name would it be $20 2 1861d 11h
van has hard time starting once engine is warmed up and you $40 2 1860d 13h
The PGM-FI light came on and later a noise began coming under $20 1 1859d 13h
airbag light won't turn off $20 3 1857d 14h
park light on right side will not go out.what do i do. $20 3 1856d 12h
My truck has 109,000 miles and recently my check engine light $20 3 1855d 13h
can the neutral safety / back up switch if bad cause the check engine light to come on? $20 1 1854d 13h
door ajar light is on due to there a switch in liftgate door, and if so, where do I find it? $15 1 1852d 11h
My car refuses to charge. I have changed the alternator twice. $20 5 1850d 12h
just replaced both headlight units on my 2000 Subaru Outback. $20 4 1849d 12h
The overdrive light on the gear selector is flashing after the $40 1 1848d 13h
have been getting this warning now for the last yr. At first $20 5 1848d 11h
when i push the the a/c button the light on the button comes on but the clutch on the a/c compressor won't engage $20 1 1846d 13h
This does not happen all the time but when it does, it is $20 3 1845d 11h
Last evening I ran a few errands before this hesitation started $20 3 1842d 13h
I ,am receiving the following message. fail safe - engine mode Someone told me that my brake lights were blinging $20 5 1842d 12h
ABS warning light stay on $20 2 1842d 12h
automatic lights come on without me touching the bottom but now it stays on when i shut the car down $20 2 1840d 13h
all lights work, not brakes. checked fuses, bulbs seem ok $20 6 1840d 12h
The check coolant light keeps coming on and I keep adding coolant. No active leaks even after sitting. $40 1 1836d 13h
Check engine light on New Fuel pump, New distributer, Engine $20 4 1835d 13h
When you first take off in the car it seems normal, then it $20 3 1832d 12h
i have a 01 Mitsubishi eclipse gs. just recently i started $15 13 1830d 9h
changed plugs and oxygen sensor check engine light still on $20 2 1828d 13h
Flooded unit in deep storm water. Left xenon headlamp will not light. Removed assembly from the car. Both lamps light in right socket. The 5.5 $20 2 1828d 12h
Why would my battery light come on $20 1 1828d 11h
what cause my buick rendezvous 2004 brake lights to remain after turning off the engine? $20 3 1827d 13h
I was hit front end, totally damaging front left bumper and headlight. One week later, a $20 2 1825d 13h
it will not go into 4wd low or mediam the light guest flasshes then stops whays wrong $40 2 1825d 13h
what would cause low idle when stopping at red light, everything else checks out with motor $20 3 1822d 12h
I am blew a fuse for my aux power on my 2004 Honda accord. I $10 1 1821d 9h
The maintenance required light is no longer green. It is now a orange color. What exactly does that mean? $20 2 1819d 13h
I having a check engine light( Yellow) that been coming on, computer said lean code keeps coming up, $20 4 1818d 12h
I have carmd machine, received a code P0420 what is this and how can i fix it? My battery light stay on $20 3 1817d 12h
all of the dash board lights come and the truck loose power for a few seconds $20 4 1817d 12h
Bought spider aftermarket tail light from auto warehouse lights have 2 extra wires but no instruction $15 1 1813d 8h
Misses once in a while that is at different speeds when driving, primarily up hill.. No warning lights come on. $20 5 1812d 10h
My oil light started coming on when I braked and now it it on $40 2 1812d 8h
My airbag light came on and is flashing when the car is cranked. Remains flashing until I turn car off $20 2 1811d 8h
I have a service engine soon light on. engine runs rough at low throttle. codes checked, $40 2 1808d 12h
purge solenoid replaced....engine light still comes on with P0441 code $40 1 1807d 12h
When the car is with the check engine light on, with this code P0703, the transmission feels like it's being forced? $20 3 1806d 10h
My oil pressure light in the dash board comes on when I come to a stop and turns off soon as i excell $20 2 1806d 9h
My airbag light is turn on .. is it the sencor problem $20 3 1805d 5h
what happing eng on but VBS light alway on chech read no code some one tell me what to do please $40 1 1803d 10h
when i apply my brakes it feels like the ABS is workin but light does not come on any suggestions $20 2 1801d 11h
the radiator went on me the other day i put in a new one the $20 2 1800d 13h
I have no instrument panel lights when the headlights are on. The headlight switch works. Where does the rheostat go $20 2 1800d 8h
Gear shift indicator light on the dashboard is ON and Blinking $40 3 1799d 9h
How to replace a fog light $15 2 1799d 6h
where is the fuse for the cigar lighter front and or back $10 1 1798d 12h
I cannot turn off my hazard lights $40 1 1796d 12h
The gauges stopped working a few days ago so now I have no $20 2 1794d 13h
Starter works and turns but no start. 1/2 tank of fuel. $40 1 1794d 11h
oil pressure light does not work $20 2 1794d 5h
How do i disable my alarm system on my vehicle replace a fog light $25 1 1792d 6h
What is wrong when I press the break paddle and the reverse indicator light come on? $25 1 1790d 8h
Replacing the drivers side turn signal light assembly $20 1 1789d 8h
my gascap light keeps coming on and ive checked the gascap and even changed it $25 2 1787d 12h
why is the antifreeze black and oily temp and oil light on $40 2 1787d 5h
The low oil level light comes on, when I know there is enough $25 4 1787d 4h
My Rear Bumper and right tail light are damaged badly, Can i replace the bumper myself, If so , how ? $20 2 1786d 9h
It flooded in my area a couple of weeks while driving through $25 4 1785d 8h
Check engine light keeps coming on saying misfire on cylinders 1, 3, and 5 on my 1998 Dodge Dakota 3.9L $25 5 1785d 7h
my car is running bad it will either idle up or almost go dead when i am stopped at a red light what could be wrong $25 1 1785d 6h
how come when i put my car n park my head lights go nuts? how can i fix that? $25 1 1784d 9h
It started out that when I got to stop sign or red light my car would shut off. I had to put it up it park to restart $40 1 1784d 8h
Whay does my air conditioner stop blowing cold air when I am at a stop light or idol $25 3 1783d 11h
the check engine light turns on and it says its the fuel cap. I bought a new cap but it still turns on. $25 2 1782d 12h
My check gauges light comes on and my battery gauge drops all the way down. could this be a relay problem? $25 3 1780d 12h
van wont start, lights wont come on $25 4 1780d 9h
my check engine light came on so i ran the codes it came back as a misfire so replaced all plugs and the light never turned off $25 1 1780d 4h
Brake Lights no coming on $25 1 1779d 9h
After short warning light Re. Radiator Car over heat blowing steam.. when coolant was applied it ran straight out, $40 1 1778d 11h
air bag light on, no horn or cruise control $25 1 1777d 10h
my ABS light is on and I cannot get it to go off $25 1 1777d 9h
Why would I lose speedometer and gears above 2nd when just driving along. Dash shows ABS, Brake, and Seatbelt lights! $40 1 1777d 8h
Courtesy lights will not go out until the 10 minute timer times out, and stay on while driving. $25 3 1777d 5h
High Engine Coolant/Automatic Transaxle Fluid Temperature and Low Coolant Level Warning Light flashes $25 3 1776d 11h
My car shudders as soon as I turn it on and while I drive, I $40 1 1775d 9h
My tail lights are always on $25 2 1774d 13h
was driving my car all of a sudden my engine light comes on $25 4 1774d 13h
Both of my stop/taillights/side markers light and high mount break light are not turning off $25 2 1772d 9h
How hard is it to repair or replace the dash indicator light for my turn signal. The right one only works occasionally. $20 1 1772d 8h
My parking lights now stay on all the time. Only be shut off pulling fuse. $25 5 1771d 7h
Check engine light keeps coming on saying misfire on cylinders 1, 3, and 5 $25 3 1770d 14h
I have no speedometer and the trans. shifts hard in all gears and an ABS light. $25 2 1770d 10h
how do i stop my interior lights from flickering on and off $25 2 1758d 10h
charging and brake warning lights go on & off together. TCS & ABS do same thing. All go off when engine revs go down. $25 3 1757d 10h
air suspension engine light is on what do I do $25 2 1756d 7h
Auto Dim Rear View Mirror - How to replace with a manual mirror and separate light $20 1 1755d 12h
the steering wheel clicks when you turn, also the airbag light is on and the horn does not work $25 2 1755d 10h
when I turn on the head lights and put the gear on Drive the $25 3 1752d 10h
Right front headlight & right rear turn signal light do not work $40 1 1752d 4h
Headlights come on sometimes but then they go out $40 1 1751d 5h
Engine light came on the code is po441 $25 2 1748d 9h
How to replace driver side headlight $20 1 1748d 8h
Check engine light on , message on dash board read no cruise available ! Struggle to pick up speed . $25 2 1748d 6h
check engine light is on and i checked it online it say it is my vss what is the vss? $25 2 1745d 4h
I have a 95 jeep grand Cherokee, after starting it up the check $15 2 1744d 13h
Check engine light on , message on dash board read no cruise available ! Struggle to pick up speed $40 2 1743d 9h
just a slight click under the dash, will not start, new battery--thinking it is the AT control module? $25 2 1741d 6h
what is wrong when engine indicator light and brake symbol light come on? $25 2 1738d 11h
My 2002 pt has a light surge between 45 & 50 mph and a 15 percent loss of power since the timing belt was replaced. $40 1 1738d 10h
how hard to replace headlight assemblies $20 1 1738d 9h
i need the specific voltages for using a volt meter to check $25 2 1737d 10h
low pressure light will illuminate even if the tire pressure is 35 psi $25 1 1736d 9h
the oil pr. gauge has started to come up to 30 then immediately drop to 0. The oil level is good warning light not on $25 2 1736d 8h
ESP light stays on. In the repair shop now and saying it is the ABS module pump but can not find any information on this $40 1 1736d 6h
ABS Warning Light sas on and will not reset. $40 1 1734d 12h
Engine light came on. Car runs perfect. Gas cap tight $25 3 1734d 10h
the car wont start when the key is turned , nothing happens battery is good dash lights come like normal $25 2 1733d 10h
I have an SLX and it is using oil bad. It has a an engine light on for an O-2 sensor. Any ideas where to start? $25 2 1733d 7h
The airbag light comes on and does not turn off. $40 2 1732d 11h
Transmission fail safe light is on $25 3 1731d 12h
the electronic throttle control light is on $40 1 1730d 12h
When My truck is put in revearse the revearse lights don't come on? $25 2 1730d 8h
Check engine light $25 3 1728d 11h
my security light comes on after turning key. my car does start. on digital board it says clean key try again in 3 min. $25 2 1727d 13h
why wont my interior lights go off $25 2 1727d 10h
Horn came on while cold vehicle was just sitting. Stops when $25 2 1727d 9h
while driving it starts to sputter like its not getting enough gas and it kinda jerks. the check engine light is not on $25 3 1727d 8h
I did an oil change a month ago. It was ok. Then my mechanic $25 2 1725d 12h
The check engine light is on, I went to autozone and they told $25 3 1724d 13h
Headlight (bulb) low beam no work, high beam works $25 2 1658d 11h
why does the vsa lights come on when the check engine light comes on with bad o2 sensor code $25 1 1658d 9h
replaced tail light bulb,tail light works but the brake light does the socket bad? $25 2 1710d 5h
car won't start when i turn the key. the key does turn but then nothing happens.All lights come on when i turn them on $40 1 1709d 12h
License Plate Bulb. How to remove covering to replace light bulb $20 1 1709d 5h
check engine light on at stops. $25 2 1707d 13h
Why do my headlights keep going out while I'm driving down the road? $25 2 1706d 7h
At first it was not accelerating, now its not moving at all in drive, only in D3. the check engine light is on as well. Could it be my o2 sensors $40 2 1704d 10h
Why lights go off when pull lever for hi-beams,yet if hold it forward, hi-beams stay on while held? $25 3 1702d 11h
When I take off from a light it Boggs down then it take off $40 1 1701d 8h
Check engine light on no codes come up Car sputters when it warms up. $40 1 1699d 8h
The light on my odometer reader gose on and off, how do i fix it? $20 1 1697d 9h
car been setting for ayear. put new batt. in dash lights and lights come on and wont turn over $25 2 1696d 8h
Depress the brake pedal no light $25 2 1696d 7h
How do I get my dashboard lights to work nothing is lighting at night ? $40 2 1696d 6h
Why is my engine light on? $25 2 1694d 7h
How do I clear the check engine light $20 1 1690d 10h
how to shut off traction control light $25 2 1689d 3h
Heater blows hot (130) while at highway speeds then blows cool(100)at stop light then blows hot (150) by 35 mph $25 3 1687d 9h
What is cause of lights that work sometimes then they don't? $25 5 1686d 7h
how do i reset my change oil soon warning light? $20 2 1686d 4h
when i turn my right turn on my right head light gets bright.some times my low beams go out while driven $25 2 1685d 9h
how do i pull headlight assembly $20 1 1684d 10h
'99 GMC Suburban;has a short related to trailer hook-up: brake $15 1 1683d 20h
Check engine light came on? $25 2 1682d 12h
why does my car dash board light indicators for oil,abs,fuel level & gearbox all comes on while the engine is running $40 1 1682d 9h
What is the best and brightest headlight bulb replacement? $20 2 1682d 4h
How do you replace the headlight assembly? $20 2 1681d 11h
My check engine light stays on and the only solution offered for this 1994 car is to replace the computer which is $800 $25 2 1680d 10h
Why would the air bag light blink on dash after vehicle starts? $25 2 1678d 10h
LED Brake light sometimes works and sometimes don't $25 3 1678d 9h
brake light comes on while driving on highways. Does not effect brakes and has no apparent cause. $25 2 1676d 9h
Why would several warning lights including Trac Off, Change Oil Soon and Service Engine Soon flash off and on randomly? $25 3 1675d 10h
How to reset service light $20 1 1675d 5h
why does my car run rough and almost shut off when sitting at a redlight $40 1 1673d 4h
I still don't have brake lights after replacing the brake light switch what should I check next $25 4 1672d 8h
What can I do to solve an ASC warning light? $25 1 1671d 12h
Could my alternator be the reason why my battery light came on (its a new battery) and my Anti lock brakes came on $25 1 1670d 6h
My car shakes a lot and when im in a red light and when I press on the gas the car hesitates to go $25 1 1670d 5h
rear tail light does not light, or flash on turning.Bulbs are ok any ideas? $25 2 1670d 4h
check engine light on code P0340 $25 2 1670d 3h
I put a new bat , alt and the battery light still on $25 3 1669d 12h
My brake light stays on $25 1 1669d 11h
The dash lights don't come on. I have checked most of the fuses but I can't tell which specific fuse to replace. $25 1 1668d 11h
My gas light comes on every time I start my car whether I have a full tank, half tank, quarter tank, no gas, etc. $25 2 1667d 11h
dome light stuck on and instrument panel shows me that door is open. what should I check please $25 2 1667d 6h
My brake/taillights wont turn off $25 3 1667d 4h
engine light came on and received a P0304 error code. Number $20 1 1667d 1h
one of my tires is straight and the other is slightly turned in to the left. what could be wrong. $25 2 1666d 5h
how do I replace a rear passenger corning light on the bumper. $20 2 1665d 8h
Where it displays the gears, gas, and mileage the digital $25 1 1664d 10h
instructions on how to change out the replacement corner lights on the front $20 1 1662d 11h
Will the OBD1 tell me what's wrong with my car without the engine light being on? $25 1 1661d 9h
Air Bag light comes on and off at random. code 26 $25 1 1660d 7h
check engine ligfht came and 4 different mechanics have come up with 4 different answers,and the light is still on now the car runs worst 1994 LS400 $25 1 1660d 2h
Remote wil not lock doors,will turn on lights,will unlock trunk, will arm alarm.but not lock doors. $25 1 1657d 6h
Door open light and tire monitor malfunction light comes on every time I start the car and stay on. $25 2 1655d 11h
Few days ago, the check engine light turned on and noticed that the remote start stopped working. I used the scan tool and pedal sensor was the result $25 1 1647d 10h
Engine has begun Knocking sound. No warning lights are on. engine seems to run well otherwise $40 1 1644d 7h
chk eng. light keeps coming on after service. misfire,rough idle, replaced plugs and coils $25 3 1640d 10h
My malfunction light came on what do I need to do? $25 1 1639d 11h
Reverse lights almost never work. They usually do work after a 30 minute drive, but never with short drives. $25 3 1639d 9h
abs brake light comes on while driving $25 2 1638d 12h
ignition off but parking lights now stay on all the time $25 2 1636d 8h
My speed odometer light works some times if I restart the car it comes back on $25 2 1635d 6h
check engine light flashes after 10 mph. Then the car shakes from 45 to 55 mph. I put number 93 gas in it, and it drove better. $25 2 1633d 6h
i am getting terrible gas mileage no check engine light or any other signs of trouble just bad gas mpg $25 3 1630d 12h
The car was hesitating and seemed like it would stall, parked and running. Then the yellow transmission light came on. $25 2 1630d 8h
E-brake light been on for a very long time while e-brake is not being used. Feels like there is resistance while driving $25 2 1630d 7h
How do I remove the headlight bulb from the socket for replacement $20 2 1630d 3h
I have a 1998 dodge diesel truckand the other day when I started $25 3 1629d 23h
The check engine & service soon lights come on the tack goes off and the trip and mileage does'nt always work $25 2 1627d 8h
my low beam headlights are not working but my high beam lights are $25 2 1625d 8h
O2 sensors keep failing, needing to be replaced. Chk engine light keeps coming back on. Truck runs rough. $25 1 1624d 10h
Passenger side tail light will not go on when I put the brakes running light OK. changed the bulb but problem continues $25 2 1624d 8h
What is the usual reason for the AIR BAG light? $25 2 1624d 4h
car stuck in park,abs light on and cooling fan wont come on,all at once $25 2 1622d 9h
Why does all the warning lights flicker after I turn it off and pull the key out of ignition $25 1 1621d 2h
Lights coming on without turning on lights from switch, but no running lights. Turn signals work as well as emerg lights $25 2 1619d 11h
check engine light came on after puting in e85 fuel what is wrong $25 2 1618d 10h
When starting up car the check engine light comes on. When I back out the car it starts to shake. $25 2 1618d 9h
why is the service stability system light on $25 3 1618d 5h
The turn signal/headlight switch snapped off the steering column bracket. What is the name of the part to replace it? $25 1 1617d 10h
Getting oil caution light but oil level is full. $25 3 1617d 4h
the car has a major misfire at higher rpm. especially when I $25 2 1614d 7h
the brake lights don't work. the problem didn't start until i replaced the reverse light bulbs $25 2 1614d 5h
Why is my thermostat light on $25 2 1613d 5h
Why wont my right turn signal work? And how do i reset the light monitor that flashes telling me what lights work. $25 2 1611d 6h
My car died and the battery light came on. It has power but won't Start $25 1 1610d 12h
Check engine light is blinking. What does that mean and should I be worried? $25 3 1610d 9h
Installed a K&N cone filter. Now check eng light is on saying running lean. $25 1 1609d 6h
What would cause my engine to have a slight chatter? $25 2 1608d 3h
I have a problem with my 2000 Impala. the Headlights started $25 1 1607d 13h
check engine light is on code reading p1709 car won't move at all as if the wheels are locked $40 1 1606d 8h
Check engine light on, running rough $25 1 1604d 9h
interior lights staying on $25 3 1604d 5h
why won't my headlights come on? $25 2 1603d 10h
Check engine light came on. The car runs smoothly and doesn't $25 3 1602d 12h
Cost estimation for front right side damaged in accident Headlight, bumper and bodywork. $20 1 1601d 11h
Since around 20,000 miles (89k now) car has a very rhythmic $25 2 1601d 7h
Why won't my tail lights and license plate light up? $25 2 1601d 5h
i changed the driverside bulb and i still doesn t work..Also dont have any backup lights. $25 2 1600d 10h
my brake lights stay on and drains my battery please help i checked all my fuses and there all good where else do i look $25 2 1598d 11h
Check engine light and traction control light came on at same time. Engine lost will only go when floored $40 2 1598d 6h
All 4 automatic windows & interior lights are not working. The fuses are good. $25 1 1596d 6h
About 5 months ago, it started shaking infrequently. Since then, the shaking has become worst. The light $25 2 1594d 4h
Why does my oil light come on at a stop/idle? $25 2 1591d 12h
My check engine light reads P0401 EGR Flow insufficient $25 4 1590d 6h
D5 light flashing Car wont change gears High rpm but car wont go faster $25 2 1590d 5h
Check engine light with a P0301 code $25 2 1590d 3h
my car has a very slight jerk when i step on the gas to get pass slow drivers $25 1 1588d 11h
stalled out at a light started smoking $25 4 1586d 12h
service stability system light stays on $25 2 1586d 11h
Smell gas in passenger compartment also check engine light on. Sometimes rough idle on start. $25 3 1585d 9h
The other day I went to fill up on gas, when I drove it it ran $15 5 1584d 3h
color code of the wire from pcm to check engine light. $15 1 1583d 22h
The fuel gauge will go to full no matter how much gas is in $25 2 1583d 6h
Stalled out at traffic light yesterday and hasn't started since. Its turning over but wont catch? $25 3 1582d 10h
i replaced rod bearings and engine runs good,but recently the oil pressure gage,go to zero at stop light then to normal $25 1 1580d 9h
i put mid grade gas in my 2000 cadillac deville shortly after my service engine soon light came on how do i shut it off $20 2 1579d 13h
it wont shift between 10 and 20 miles per hour it has a shift error 1 and 2 shift and it has a over drive light flashes $25 1 1575d 12h
How to replace brake sensor cable. Is there one cable per rotor? Light sensor stays on. $25 2 1574d 4h
i have a 98 sebring jx 2.5. i keep getting the code p1391 and $25 13 1573d 11h
How to replace headlight lens $20 1 1573d 6h
G,day, Just finished replacing my leads, distributor cap, rotor $20 1 1572d 20h
2002 grand am gt. Turns over but won't start. Only time it $20 11 1572d 20h
Trying to diagnose a check engine light, P0089, with shudder on hard accel a 2005 Volvo s60r. $25 9 1570d 10h
Both of my low beam headlights are out. I have replaced both and checked all fuses and relays. My high beams lites are fine, but still no low beam? $25 3 1570d 7h
the light on the radio no longer comes on do I replace the bulb $20 1 1568d 6h
My brake lights and signal light are not working $25 2 1563d 11h
lights and instruments go dim at night sometimes while driving......check engine light comes on also $25 4 1562d 7h
how do I get access to change the rear brake light? $20 1 1561d 9h
Brake lights stop working. Pedal switch has been replaced $25 2 1560d 10h
my car vibrates and shakes slightly when driving , is it safe to drive $25 1 1560d 7h
how do you change the light bulbs over the rear liscence plate $20 2 1560d 4h
i have replaced spark plugs,wires,rotor,and cap,my light came back on today? $25 3 1557d 11h
My check engine light went on. So I decided to take my car to $20 1 1556d 12h
Charging system light comes on during start up and goes off after some time during car running $25 2 1555d 12h
The instrument panel lights do not light up at all $25 1 1555d 11h
What is the part that is highlighted in the image? It is cracked and spilled antifreeze. $15 7 1554d 17h
Key stuck in ignition, lock light is on and the car won't start can somebody help me? $25 3 1554d 9h
Brake light fuse keeps blowing $25 2 1553d 11h
The warning ABS light came on and stayed on while driving, what is causing this? $25 2 1552d 11h
Overdrive works when engine first starts. Trans overdrive $20 10 1552d 9h
Today out of nowhere I came to a stop light, when I tried $25 3 1552d 7h
When I shift from park to reverse the car will not move thn $25 4 1552d 6h
One morning while driving my shifter console lights went out. $25 4 1551d 8h
Why are my My headlights and dash lights flickering? $25 2 1551d 3h
What causes my trac off, service vehicle soon & antilock lights to come on? $25 2 1550d 11h
it cuts off and dies at times no check engine light and it always cranks back up $25 2 1549d 6h
I just had some work done on it the brake booster and now the 4X4 light is on. $25 3 1548d 13h
How do I replace the tail lights? $20 2 1548d 11h
how to replace headlight bulb $20 2 1544d 9h
The backup lights do not work. There is an indicator light on the instrument panel $25 2 1544d 7h
The engine check engine light is on, Where is the switch to turn this off. $25 1 1543d 3h
I recently went to replace the license plate light bulbs in $25 1 1542d 14h
Just failed inspection for a P0325. Indicator light has been $25 2 1542d 14h
1. When traveling at highway speed, engine runs smoothly until $25 5 1542d 11h
I am having problems with my silverado not starting. I read $25 3 1541d 12h
had a service engine soon light on and had the code read at $25 1 1537d 12h
What's the repair for fault code P0463? I filled up my $25 1 1536d 12h
What all years of a firebird headlight will fit a 1998? I $20 1 1534d 12h
how do you change the light bulbs over the rear liscence plate $20 1 1534d 12h
i have a impreza Cz 1997. Rev keep going up and down all the time even when stopping at the lights. $20 1 1532d 21h
check engine light came on....p0100 was the code,any one know what that code means? $25 1 1532d 12h
the maintenance required light turned on right when i hit 30,000 miles. is this a coincidence? or is something wrong? $25 1 1527d 11h
how do I replace a rear passenger corning light on the bumper $20 1 1527d 9h
I've just got a tune up but not even a week later the engine light came on and I check it and it said misfire on 3&4 $20 1 1525d 12h
I just put new tires on my 2006 dodge ram 2500 I have a 5.9 $25 2 1523d 19h
When turning. Getting brake light $25 1 1522d 11h
2000 Buick LeSabre Custom - no start problem. Time span: 9 $40 4 1517d 6h
How do I change the LR side marker light? $20 1 1511d 11h
check engine light is on with code p0174. $25 1 1507d 12h
My Engine light comes on and it's the MAP sensor. When you $25 1 1506d 10h
my check engine light is on and the check engine code is po2o2. $25 1 1504d 12h
service engine soon light on, p0128 code, does this mean i have to replace my ect? $25 1 1497d 11h
For some reason without warning the car will just shut off and $25 1 1495d 12h
The dashboard light that says +check fuel cap $25 1 1491d 12m
My brake peddle is low & my brake warning light comes on. Master cylinder is full & I cannot see any leaks. $25 1 1490d 13h
What type of light bulb is used for rear tail light? $20 1 1486d 11h
engine started misfiring, check engine light came on, retrieved code p0206 $25 1 1482d 11h
Battery light is on, lights are dim & when you accelerate I have a whining noise in the engine compartment ..Any ideas? $25 1 1481d 13h
Two rims are slightly bent. Was told $100-125 each to repair. Cost of new ones about $400. How safe are repaired rims? $25 1 1479d 6h
I get a check engine light with code P0108 $25 1 1479d 2h
how to reset oil change light $20 1 1478d 13h
I was stopped at a red light and when I went to go my car just died. It won't start, when I turn the key it just clicks. $25 1 1476d 14h
Plug in lighter and phone charger doesn't work $25 1 1470d 23h
When I slow for corner or stop sign and rpm is very low, $25 5 1468d 2h
How do I reset the check maintenance light after I have changed the oil and filter ? $20 1 1463d 1h
I have replaced the brake light switch 4 times. any ideas what may be causing the problem? $25 1 1460d 12h
What is common problem when ABS light is on code 01726? $25 1 1459d 11h
Service engine light on. Got codes 171 & 174. What does this mean? $25 1 1453d 13h
both headlight doors open and close properly but the right side motor continues to run for a few seconds after the headlight doors have closed. $25 1 1445d 11h
Why does my 'coolant' light keep coming on? Level is good $25 1 1431d 11h
my od light just stared flashing what could be the problem? $25 1 1431d 10h
Lights and electrical system comes on but car won't start. Has new battery. Failure to start is intermittent. $40 1 1425d 6h
location of brake light switch $20 1 1424d 22h
check engine light is on and getting one error code P0442. $25 1 1417d 12h
Flutter noise from engine area of car when AC is on, both heat $40 1 1417d 11h
1992 Chevy K1500 with a/c light blinking. Just replaced the $25 4 1414d 17h
The car almost started this morning then all the lights went $25 1 1410d 10h
When I signal left the hazard light start to blink but when I turn right the signal work normally $25 1 1404d 12h
ASR BAS showing on dashboard and no brake lights. $25 1 1403d 11h
Engine light is on and codes p1125,p2138, and p2120 came up $25 1 1403d 3h
My car suddenly lost it's power steering. The brake lights and battery lights came on. Engine is still running $25 1 1399d 2m
What could I check first when my maintenance light comes on? $25 1 1398d 23h
Why my car don't crank even though the radio plays and the lights comes on, it don't turn over $25 1 1397d 3h
Oil light came on to add 1 qt I stopped at an auto parts store $25 1 1376d 12h
My car has been sitting for over a year, could the dead cell $25 1 1376d 10h
Battery light came on in dashboard display. Is it alternator? $25 1 1368d 12h
Do I have to replace the catalytic converter if it is slightly dented? $20 1 1368d 12h
My low brake fluid light keeps coming on but everything is ok what's wrong? $25 1 1368d 12h
Why would my change oil light come after only 2,000 miles $20 1 1362d 7h
How do you reset the abs light after making repair $40 1 1362d 7h
The Service Airbag light is on constantly. What kind of service might be needed? Is this an expensive service? $25 1 1358d 1h
check engine light is on and want to know how to reset it? $20 1 1358d 55m
why does the parking brake light on the dash come on while driving? $25 1 1357d 23h
Ok so here goes....When I first get in my Durnago in the morning $40 11 1351d 10h
Check engine light diagnosis shows PO411 secondary air injection flow incorrect $25 1 1348d 12h
My steering wheel shakes slightly left to right while driving. $25 1 1348d 10h
how to install a new brake light switch $20 1 1320d 11h
My check engine light came on. Is there a reset for this? $25 1 1313d 12h
Jen:November 27,2012 11:00am. I have a 2000 Ford Explorer with $25 9 1310d 6h
Why does my oil light come on after I drive my van for a while? $25 1 1306d 11h
check engine light on its says crankshaft position sensor. Do $25 1 1298d 10h
2004 Chevy Express van 2k+miles C0035-left front speed $15 8 1301d 21h
Why does my truck die when I pull up to a stoplight? $25 3 1293d 5h
I have a small oil leak but check my oil daily to make sure $25 1 1284d 13h
My headlights go off or blink when I tilt my steering wheel but will come back on when I move the tilt again . $25 1 1283d 12h
Won't start after serpentine belt broke. Replaced belt, still $40 1 1281d 25m
when coasting, I hear almost like a whistling noise, sort of a squealing. Slightest touch to the accelerator and it stops $25 1 1275d 9h
Hid lights! Should I be concern about installing hid's on a 2011 Buick Do not want to void the factory warranty $25 1 1270d 10h
when I first get in the car and step on the brake, the brake $25 1 1270d 5h
I jump started my car yesterday ,it turned on with no problem $15 1 1255d 2h
jumped car, now having problem with starting and all the lights on dash are on $25 1 1253d 23h
Check engine light came on and checked with a code reader. Code came up as p2181 $25 1 1250d 11h
My light on my gear shit stays on after the car is off , it never turns off. Its in park the(P) stays lit continuous $25 1 1250d 8h
will not start turn the key it will not do nothing every thing lights up $25 1 1245d 21h
I keep getting a light that says Performance restriction, i've had it tested but no one seems to know. $25 1 1235d 10h
When I accelerate from a stop light or decelerate to a final stop, there is a thump sound coming from the rear. $25 1 1235d 5h
headlight replacement what steps to get to bulb so i can replace it? $20 1 1234d 22m
i installed new battery car but the light still on $25 1 1233d 22h
why does my low beam light flicker on passenger side only? $25 1 1228d 10h
signals and brake lights on trailer don't work all running lights do, the problem lies somewhere in the truck $25 1 1224d 23h
Both 4 WD hi/low light just blinks when I push it, then goes out. What is the cause? $25 1 1209d 23h
check engine light with P0410 code $25 1 1208d 2h
Recently the CV joint started making noise so we took it to $25 1 1196d 11h
Almost every time I turn the corner the brake light on the dash comes on $25 1 1191d 6h
how to reset the check engine light on a 2008 dodge avenger $20 1 1186d 8h
This only happens intermittently maybe once a week when the $25 1 1182d 17m
WHen i tried getting the code for the check engine light, the code scanner could not link with the OBD plug,whats wrong? $25 1 1179d 12h
Check engine light stays lit. Audi corrects, then it starts again. I'm tired of bringing the car in. Can I just ignore? $25 1 1179d 11h
i have a 2007 GMC envoy slt. the controls on the drivers door $25 1 1158d 13h
The Check Air Suspension light came on on my Grand Marquis LS, and the back end is up very high. $20 1 1129d 13h
Started once with difficulty. Drove several miles and made it $25 1 1115d 1h
I hear a slight noise and the red battery light on the dashboard is illuminated. Any idea? $25 1 1113d 15s
when i step on the brakes, light comes on that says TRAC off $25 1 1112d 23h
I spilled a soda in the gear shift area. Now the check engine light is on, & the car wont' shift out of 1st $25 1 1112d 54m
All of the guages turn off then all of the warning lights come $25 1 1107d 42m
socket that holds one of my rear light bulbs is broken and the bulb cannot be secured properly. $25 1 1093d 23h
What would cause a clicking or ticking noise when driving. It $25 1 1088d 13h
right high beam stays on all the time with lights on or off. even when the vehicle is shut off lamps stay on. $25 1 1088d 12h
vsc light comes on like every 200 miles $25 1 1084d 12h
Oil light comes on at idle? $25 1 1081d 12h
2001 ford winstar. while driving, speedometer drops to zero, dash info fails even milage indicator, od light flashes,would not reset. $15 1 1059d 23h
My girlfriends car has A light that flashes on dashboard. it has a picture of a steering wheel with a padlock and a number 1 on padlock $25 1 1053d 11h
the battery light came on. I didnt think much of it since it $25 1 1032d 11h
Brake light on the dash keeps coming on when turning? $25 1 1031d 8h
When the left blinker is turned on and the headlights are on $25 1 1019d 7h
my check engine light came on with this code P0734, P0700, P0871,P0846 What does this mean? $25 1 984d 11h
engine dies only at 1600 to 1800 rpm, light throttle, 5 speed. Can goe days with no problem. $25 1 984d 2h
Problem happens when cold or hot. Happens when driving or $25 1 983d 8h
low tire pressure dash light stay on when none of my tires,including spare, are low on air? $25 1 969d 11h
The radio and lights died immediately before the engine died, then the steering wheel locked up and that was it $25 1 968d 13h
When I apply the brakes my running lights flash like i just put on the flashers then goes out $25 1 967d 13h
code po 410 also po 420 but did put in new pump but engine light on $25 1 955d 11h
Starts up and runs fine. After about 15 minutes of driving when I come up on a stop light, the engine idles low. $25 1 948d 11h
when I'm sitting at a red light my car idles really low and seems like its going stall. $25 1 946d 23h
400 and 401 codes 2001 Toyota Avalon today the engine power $15 3 945d 22h
Mechanic replaced the spark plugs and reset the codes so the $15 12 938d 23h
my speedometer changing speed reading and my overdrive is kicking in and out and my 4X4 light is sometimes on. $5 1 927d 9h
DSC system failure light came on when driving to work. What does this mean? $5 1 925d 23h
Whenever I am stopped or going in reverse, my car makes a weird $5 1 924d 23h
Trying to install trailer lighting adapter so I can pull a $5 1 920d 23h
p2181 temp gage moves between 160 and 200 engine light on $5 1 920d 10h
Check engine light is on. Po108 $5 1 907d 6h
light came on when driving to work. What does DSC system failure indicate? $5 1 906d 8h
The car cranks normally but won’t start unless I use a shot $5 1 892d 11h
I really need an advise on the problem I've been having. My $5 1 892d 10h
It was 9F cold and my saturn wouldn't start. Cold weather, so $5 1 886d 23h
My car turns on and runs very good, but when Im at a stop light $5 1 885d 11h
I had my clutch on my manual transmission vehicle replaced $5 1 879d 5h
check engine light keeps going on and off $40 1 869d 23h
Car battery was jumped and the key was in the off position and the car was in neutral, now the instrument panel lights do not work? Where is the fuse? $20 1 867d 23h
service light came on and when scanned the code said coolant temp sensor, which I replaced. it's still on. why? $5 1 850d 11h
Headlights and parking lights all work if turned on manually. $5 1 850d 8h
still runs great, little worse fuel mileage fuel injectors $5 1 822d 11h
After filling up with gas check light came on $5 1 820d 1h
A/C is working but fan motor won't. Started several monthe ago $5 1 818d 28m
All dashboard indicating warning lights come on when accelerating $5 1 815d 12h
abs light turned on when my mechanic did an oil change $5 1 794d 11h
2000 cougar engine light obdii fuel injector cleaner $5 1 773d 10h
mazda 626 overheating but engine light did not show it over heating also oil disappears when poured in but not on ground $5 1 773d 10h
2005 trailblazer check engine light on solid unless stepping into the pedal while going up hill then it flashes but stops on flat road $5 1 772d 23h
check engine light came on on my yukon now its shaking when u turn the igntion on and stabilizer is on $5 1 772d 14h
i had a new engine put in 1989 chevrolet astro van now egine light comes on after drven a couple of miles $5 1 772d 1h
gearbox light comes on when car warms up and reverse won't engage when it does it knocks and cuts out $5 1 771d 14h
what causes the head lights to come on when the vehicle is $5 1 771d 1h
how to repair 2004 vw jetta door ajar light $5 1 770d 23h
hook up 3rd brake light to tail light wiring on 1998 gmc sierra $20 1 769d 23h
gmc 6500 check angine light with arrow down what does it mean? $5 1 769d 1h
what would cause my 1995 s10 to run rough and miss with the check engine light on when it gets to a certain temp or a 15 min. driving time $5 1 769d 1h
why do i not have a ck. eng light when vech boggs down and looses power $40 1 768d 1h
1996 mercedes benz sl320 engine light issues $5 1 766d 1h
infinnity cigarette lighter burns up adapter and lights on radio will not come on and gauges stop working on highway $5 1 764d 22h
my chysler pt crusier dream series 2 2003 engine light is on upon diganoises it says #4 cyclinder miss fire? $5 1 764d 22h
electrical problem, ac does not work, brake light is on and abs, is on temperture gage does not work on 2007 toyota avalon $40 1 763d 23h
catalyst efficiency below threshold bank one. this is why check engine light is on in celica. $5 1 763d 23h
my break, abs,tcs lights are on and my spedometer is frozen hyundai xg350 2007 $5 1 763d 23h
pontiac grand am speedometer stops working and car shuts down $5 1 763d 23h
2002 camaro v6 sputtering check gauge light and engine light flashing $5 1 763d 1h
2004 chrysler sebring convertible 2.7l engine light flash 11 times $5 1 760d 23h
2004 chrysler sebring convertible 2.7l engine light flash 11 times $5 1 760d 23h
2004 toyota highlander error code: p0420 vsc and check engine light $40 1 759d 13h
what causes the flickering of the illuminated radio light on a toyota excel 2010 $5 1 759d 13h
what does it mean when your service light comes on while backing up and the car shakes while driving it on a 2009 kia rio $5 1 759d 13h
i have a ford taurus we put on new motor mounts and we still $5 1 758d 13m
why does my car lights go out and engine shuts down when my car hits 3,000rpm and have a new battery and battery light goes on $5 1 758d 9m
2004 mercury mountaineer o/d light blinking and theres a miss and brake pedal knocks $5 1 756d 23h
check engine light came on noticed a slight jump when braking $5 1 756d 23h
how to fix nissan sentra sr 2010 left side headlight stop working even replacing fuse $5 1 755d 23h
1998 jeep wrangler electronic outage of radio, airbag lights, emergency blinker, signal lights malfunction $5 1 752d 11h
my 1999 volvo xc70 suddenly shows the traction control light and the battery light and it has little power in drive, but reverse works great. $5 1 752d 11h
replaced the lock cylinder and key release solennoid in 1998 buick regal gs now the light and radio will not shut off after key is removed $40 1 752d 11h
1997 ford f250 xl abs light always on, brake pedal soft, hard to initially accelerate $5 1 732d 12h
my jaguar x type 2 liter diesel makes noise when cold and loses drive with yollow coil light comming on dashboard $5 1 732d 10h
1992 mercury marquis at my dash lights tail lights dont work but not when i turn the flash off on i've tell it but no dash lights what is the problem $5 1 725d 52m
2003 pt cruiser check engine light on. code reader indicates problem with brake switch or shorted brake wireing, but barke lights work. $40 1 725d 51m
code 441 check engine light trans am 1987 $5 1 725d 50m
cruise light flickers $5 1 707d 34m
my abs, traction control, and service engine lights are on in my 2002 cougar. it is making a weird grinding noise $5 1 707d 33m
1997 nissan sentra wont start nothin in strument panel comes on dome light barele lit battery in full charge $5 1 701d 23h
honda 2006 lights and instruments on dashboard go out when driving along fan motor slows whats going on alternator was replaced still doing it $5 1 701d 23h
my 2006 dodge charger rt wont start acts like its dead has a battery and lightning bolt sign $5 1 701d 23h
what would make my 2003 honda crv gear shift light remain in park when its in drive and the drive light blink like my turn signal $5 1 701d 23h
2007 huyundi trouble shoot ck engine light came on , starts transmission works on dr but nor on reverse $5 1 688d 50m
battery keeps dying and ac light keeps flickering 2001 dodge durango $40 1 688d 49m
my 2008 pontiac g6 battery wont hold acharge and once its powered up by jumper cables the security light is on and it wont turn over $5 1 688d 46m
trouble shooting 2007 vw bettle triple white convertible front $5 1 688d 44m
2007 dodge Durango 4.7 oil and anti freeze lightly coming out $5 1 676d 6h
whats wrong when your 1998 audi a8 blower, lights and turn signal stop working $5 1 675d 11h
02 dodge truck 1500 6cy 5 speeed back up light location on transmission $15 1 674d 15m
1998 gmc yukon dashlights flash with blinker turned on $20 1 674d 14m
what can cause dash guages power windows and reverse lights to stop working in a 1992 honda accord ex coupe $5 1 647d 12h
treshoot my 1992 dodge dakota random starts code 54 on check engine light $5 1 647d 12h
2003 dodge stratus check engine light goes on code says gas cap air leakage could it be my fuel line between my fuel filter $5 1 634d 12h
do i need to reset the check engine light after i install new cooling fan relays and temperature switch on my 1998 chevy camaro 3.8 v6 $5 1 634d 12h
why is my rear defogger and power locks and lights not working suddenly 2001 lesabre $5 1 634d 12h
2005 ford explorer service engine light stays on code p0750 when autozone plug into their computer, what's the problem? $5 1 612d 2h
my 91 mazda mpv just died on me and now no lights on dash and it wont start back up turns over but no start $5 1 612d 2h
why does the defrost light stay on in the 1998 honda accord $5 1 612d 2h
auddi a6 rverse sensors stop working,heater stops working, heated seats stops working,oil sensor light shows, esp light shows and wrong temp shows $5 1 600d 1h
what causes abs light to light up gas gauge read incorrectly and no start on a 2001 ford taurus v6 $5 1 600d 1h
headlights surging on my 2001 taurus. when blower motor on $40 1 598d 11h
2002 jaguar xtype puttering n engine light flashing n saying cruise not available $5 1 598d 5h
1990 gmc 1500 fuses good bulbs good but left brake and blinker light out blinks real fast what could it be? $5 1 598d 5h
Hello it a 2001 dodge intrepid 2.7 after its warmed up rpm $5 1 596d 23h
on my brougham 1987 cadillac, cluster does not light up and the gas gauge pulls down below e $5 1 594d 23h
ckeck engine light came on after passenger widow went out on dodge caravan 1999 $40 1 592d 3h
my 2007 pontiac grand prix door switch lights and gear shifter lights wont come on $5 1 592d 3h
1995 eagle vision abs light window not work $5 1 591d 6h
toyota prado auto lost blinkers tail lights and auto window power what would cause this $5 1 584d 10h
1997 Mazda Protege. I replaced the mass air flow sensor about $5 7 584d 9h
sc elec & gaswhat would cause fading of lights on dash of acura 1996 model $5 1 580d 9h
1991 sabaru legendary check engine light keeps blinking off and on $5 1 580d 9h
check engine light shows unidentified code in 1997 maxima the rpm gauge does not work right $5 1 578d 4h
2006 bmw 325i battery light comes on in yellow but i checked altanater an battery both seem ok $5 1 571d 23h
red oil light come on and stayed on with engine ticking and cutoff on 1999 bmw 328i after changing water pipe under intake $5 1 571d 8h
when i was driveing my car loose compression ,there knocking $40 1 571d 8h
getting dc motor did not move check engine light for mercury sable $5 1 563d 11h
the ses light on my 97 plymouth grand voyager flashes 5 times what dose that mean $5 1 549d 10h
in a 2010 honda pilot if your check engine light comes on and then car cuts off and oil and white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipes $5 1 546d 23h
mercury 2001 check engine light comes on all gages look o.k. what could be the matter? $40 1 546d 23h
i cut my radio wires to my 2003 subaru legacy l and my gas keeps pumping and the check engine light flashing whats did i do? $5 1 543d 4h
intermittent blinking check engine light on 2001 ford windstar. intermittently blinks when accelerating $5 1 542d 9h
i hav a toyota rav4 and the low gas light is on and gas gauge doas nt work , what might be wrong $5 1 541d 23h
03 acura rsx type s rev's fine with obd reader plugged in, but $5 1 541d 23h
how to change the center high mount brake light on a 2000 chrysler concorde 2.7l sfi dohc 6cyl $20 1 539d 23h
what can be the cause for my 2002 corolla to turn off when i make a slight hard stop $5 1 539d 23h
+the check engin light is on 2003 jaguar x type i did push the sport button $5 1 536d 9h
when i pull light switch engine dies on 99 f150 $5 1 521d 10h
2002 dodge stratus oil light came on car shook and died wont restart $5 1 507d 10h
2006 cadillac dts remote will unlock the door but the head light or horn won't blow but no start how can i fix the problem $5 1 507d 10h
c240 mercedes 2004 replaced brake light malfunction indicator now says back up light on $40 1 507d 10h
1999 pontiac grand am instrument panel lights and heater lights dont work $5 1 489d 11h
99 grand am dimming headlight on acceleration $5 1 489d 11h
speedometer temperature gauge oil light on rough running 2000 dodge neon $5 1 489d 11h
2003 dodge ram 1500 5.9l misfires on several cylinders check $5 1 487d 11h
i hooked up jumper cables wrong on my intrepid when jumping. $40 1 487d 11h
my 2001 bmw 325 i just shut itself off while i was driving all $5 1 487d 11h
what does the vsc light on dashboard mean 1989 lexusgs300 $20 1 487d 10h
lexus rx 300, 2002 model. automatic headlight leveling system $20 1 486d 11h
1998 lexus es300 trackson control light , service engine. light $40 1 484d 22h
2002 cadillac deville check engine light flashing $5 1 484d 22h
2004 chrysler sebring gas light flashing and needle going up and down $5 1 480d 11h
93 nissan quest check engine light on,won't start,leaking coolant,heat doesn't work $5 1 480d 11h
check eng light on and ac and cruise don't work 2000 ford f150 $5 1 480d 11h
amber light flashes when i hit a bump in my 2oo1 jaguar vanden plas $5 1 460d 2h
have a small miss 2005 buick lesbra limited 3.9l makes cadddilac conver light come on every month $40 1 460d 2h
i have a 98 gmc yukon and everytime i start it the truck runs and then it cuts off and my security light pops up what could be the problem $5 1 460d 2h
had struts put on my 2001 es300 lexus and now my trac off and abs lights on and blickings. can someone tell me why they are on? $5 1 458d 12h
04 wrangler idel at 400 trans light came on then blew smoke $5 1 445d 11h
2004 jeep grand cherokee speedometer/odometer doesn't work, abs and break light stay on and the cruse isn't working $40 1 445d 11h
dodge caravan check engine light was blinking and acts like is going to shut off when accelerating at low speeds $5 1 445d 11h
how to change high mount light bulb in 1995 mbz e320 wagon $20 1 445d 11h
small leak at the back of engine in my audi tt quattro slight smell wen hot $40 1 437d 9h
symptoms on camry w check engine light, feels lile car is grabbin to get fw under 40ph $20 1 437d 9h
the servcie soon light is turned off by stepping a certain pattern on the brake pedal and switching the ignition on and off. $20 1 437d 9h
2003 toyota matrix tried sverything and check engine light comes on mis fire in fourth cylinder runs good slight rough idle in stop $5 1 430d 12h
mitsubishi l200 did atc light stay on after going on a bumpy road $5 1 430d 12h
what would cause all the dash lights to come on when i put car in gear on 2008 maxima $40 1 430d 12h
2004 vw passat headlighs dim and abs light flickers and feels lie brakes have been pressed $5 1 430d 6h
06 pt cruiser choked check engine light oil $5 1 423d 12h
1996 chrysler lhs under hood fuse or relay that controls alarm interior lights and door ajar light $15 1 423d 12h
2005 buick rendezvous hard shift. input speed sensor reading 3500 rpm at idle. no check engine light $5 1 423d 12h
2004 jaguar xj8 emergency brake fault, headlights won't adjust, airbag light, front heated seats no longer working $5 1 416d 11h
1993 ford f150 check engine light comes on when you hit brake pedal $5 1 414d 21m
2007 ford 500 3 litre cant get no trottle response wrench light on $5 1 403d 12h
After I used a jumper wire on my 93 Mercury Villager to retrieve $5 1 392d 21h
what does the tcs button on a 2004 honda accord coupe starts to beep and tcs light is on $5 1 389d 12h
2004 bmw 325xi recall wont run no check engine light $40 1 389d 12h
i have a2006 dodge durango the check engine light came on did $5 1 389d 12h
2006 dodge check engine light because of blown tailight $5 1 388d 11h
what will cause the check engine light to come on in a 2002 dodge durango when the fule gage drops to three quarters of a tank $40 1 388d 11h
1994 chevy silverado; buzzer and seat belt light come on while driving as if ignition had been turned off and on? $5 1 386d 23h
2002 cadillac deville, and what may cause the check coolant level warning light to always flash but when checking coolant level in car is always fine $40 1 386d 23h
acura 2003 3.2 cl check engine light on, vsa light on, srs light and running rough $5 1 386d 23h
help my 97 cadillac sts lost all lights ,automatic operating gadgets $5 1 386d 23h
clogged air filter problems and a lot of soot in tail pipe andcheck engine light on 07 kia sedona lx 3.8 engine $5 1 375d 12h
what is the problem replaced motor in 2005 dodge durango 5.7 $40 1 377d 1h
my 2007 saturn vue hesitant to start then check engine light $5 1 375d 12h
2008 toyota camry with check engine light on engine hesitates when moving forward from stop position youtube $40 1 344d 1h
2009 volkswagon passet comfort spuddering, check engin light on, and gas monitor jumping back and forth $5 0 344d 13h
01 acura cls check egine light vsa and caution $5 0 344d 13h
on a 1990 cadi on a cold engine start what would cause idle rpm to surge out of control with a check enging light code eo30 $20 0 344d 13h
why when i do diagnostic with a direct wire but my over drive light keeps blinking on my 1992 lexus sc400 $40 1 343d 1h
07 dodge 2.7l wont go above 2k rpm and the anti skid dash light comes on $5 1 340d 13h
2003 silverado check engine light flashing when running wiper blades $40 1 340d 13h
When I bought the car last year, 2004 Chrysler Sebring abt 90K $20 1 339d 12h
2005 vw passat cant tell what if in drive or reverse on dash board solid light witn prnd432 lite up $5 1 338d 13h
my 87 gmc s15 engine light is on how can i test it $5 1 338d 13h
my check engine light is on i own a 2007 mercury monterey and the motor is viberating $5 1 335d 1h
03 chrysler voyager flashing check engine light than car shuts off $40 1 335d 1h
lexus es 350 warning lights on, odometer jumps and car will not start $5 1 325d 12h
replace trolley body on g35 will it hurt to drive car with engine light on $20 1 325d 12h
1997 cheverlot 1500 cluster engine check light does not work after changing bulb what to do next? $40 1 318d 13h
92 jeep cherokee runs rough stalls at idle has code 41 and ck eng light flashes at times $5 1 305d 11h
my subaru forester check engine light came on after losing power then it surged forward? $5 1 305d 11h
99 mercury sable check engine soon light turn key back count flashes $40 1 304d 12h
i have an 01 buick lesabre the engine will not accelerate past 50 mph and the service engine light is flashing $5 1 304d 12h
instructions on replacing interior lights in 2001 buick lesabre limited $20 1 304d 12h
lexus rx300 replace battery, shift manual stuck, abs light on $20 1 304d 12h
should i be driver my 2005 mercury benz if blinker splink light on $5 1 303d 10m
1999 mercury grand marquis no headlights, when using directional switch abs light as well as four way traction control light flashes whats happening $5 1 298d 12h
no start 99 s10 no chk engine light on keyup $5 1 298d 11h
f250 od light was flashig sopped after turning truck of fo r 10 min $5 1 294d 1h
1995 buick lesabre check engine light comes then transmission shifts to quick also cruise want work then $5 1 291d 12h
1999 toyota camry solara coupe flashing dash lights wont start $5 1 291d 12h
have a 2004 toyota 4 runner that made a series of beepa and red light of a battery outline litbyp bedore stopping $40 1 291d 12h
1999chrysler sebring convertible rough idle causing oil light to blink? $5 1 290d 12h
93 honda accord dx transmission shifts fine but after it warms up d4 light stays on and only runs in 1st or 2nd gear $5 1 290d 12h
cause of check engine and battery light coming on whenmerc.grand marquis 2006 stops abruptly $40 1 290d 12h
2007 toyota rav4 check engine vsc 4wd light code po137 changed oxygen sensors still getting the same code $40 1 284d 12h
why brake lights stay on on 1991 chevrolet 30 step van $5 1 284d 12h
green light with squiggly lines on my 2005 pt crusier only when my right blinker is on $5 1 283d 12h
1992 ls 400 lexus reverse liht popped up no car is running like tranny is going out only runs bad when headlights are on $20 1 269d 12h
check engine light inconsistant with ignition switch,'95 vw golf $40 1 269d 12h
2002 camry runs perfect check engine light on code p0001 $5 1 262d 13h
my check engine light iz on and abs light too a d my car doesn't roll when i take my foot off the brake pedal $5 1 262d 12h
my 1999 toyota vintage sprinter with 5afe engine manual has a $5 1 253d 24m
when the panal light comes on and gives a signal o/b off in a 1996 toyota station wagon $40 1 253d 23m
2002 mercury grand marquis - have replaced plugs and 5th $40 1 249d 12h
toyota 2005 hilux 4.0l v6 fault light stay on on air bag $40 1 248d 10h
d light blinks when put in d3 civic $5 1 235d 8h
my bonneville overheat gauge is fluctuating and my battery light and my oil light and my check engine light goes on and off $5 1 235d 8h
pt cruiser putters when driving, will only get to 40-miles an hour, when shifting, and now check engine light is on $40 1 235d 8h
truck runs great but won't charge the battery. after 20 miles $40 1 226d 11h
what can warning light on check engine waning light on toyota corrolla mean? $5 1 226d 11h
2005 mercedes ml500 wrench light comes on with initials 21d $5 1 224d 12h
repair bmw ecu no engine light $40 1 224d 12h
head lights come on when its cold $5 1 223d 12h
2007 pt cruiser stalls out when slowing down at red light or backing up sometimes, it seems to restart easier when you put it in neutral $5 1 221d 11h
toyota highlander 2000 with the a fault of ecu,battery & oil light switched off on the dashboard, can't start $5 1 221d 11h
oil pressure light goes on and off 2004 audi a4 quatrro 1.8 $40 1 207d 12h
06 f150 hesitation engine light p 0605 $20 1 207d 12h
87 nissan d21 shuddering intermitent shaking at stop lights $5 1 207d 11h
brake/stoplight switch diagram wiring 2000 cadillac dhs $15 1 207d 11h
check engine light coming on after a new battery is put in dodge grand caravan $5 1 207d 11h
i hooked a toggle switch up to a taxi exterior cab light and $5 1 207d 11h
lexus 2007 rx-400h, vsc light comes on waiting at a dead stop? $40 1 207d 11h
lexus is250 when i push the smart button to start the ignition $40 1 207d 11h
I have a 1999 pathfinder with no dash lights, running lights, $5 5 152d 13h
installed hid headlights in nissan altima and now engine doesn't idle properly and won't rev over 2500 rpm $40 1 136d 7h
No lights on all truck no power window working nd no gas pump working while key is on $5 1 121d 17h
1992 subaru legacy wagon. upper brake light wiring diagram $15 1 96d 11m
1997 oldsmobile 6cyl 3.8 when i get too a stp sign r red light n pull off it jerk hard n go n smoke blow out the tail pipe $5 1 96d 10m
2006 impala 3.5 ltr. has check engine light blinking, and service traction control is on, feels like it is misfiring $5 1 96d 10m
99 acura cl 3.2 d4 light keeps blinking and wont shift or move $5 1 96d 8m
1998 toyota camry le 2.2 cl blinking check engine light $5 1 95d 1h
1998 pontiact sunfire what is the red square next to check engine light $15 1 92d 19m
2003 pontiac bonneville super charge engine light flashes when reaching 30rpm and misfires $40 1 92d 18m
check engine light on after battery replacement in f350 $5 1 92d 18m
enguin light came out found out its clutch for transmission 98 buick ark ave $5 1 92d 16m
my 1999 dodge strata make a clunking sound while driving and the check engine light came on what happened $40 1 87d 6h
solution 1990 chevrolet pickup after starting ac pump cy cles $20 1 87d 6h
1989 toyota pickup 22re jump t1 and e1 and check enging light just blinks $5 1 87d 6h
reason a check eng lite on when ideling shut eng off restarted no light 1990 ca eldr $5 1 87d 6h
2012 mitsubishi galant check engine light and traction controllight came on and cant go over 65 miles per hour now $40 1 87d 6h
how to change a headlight assembly $20 2 70d 8h
It started in a long road trip. Almost home, I noticed in my $5 1 27d 7h